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Handling wedding season with bad credit

As the days grow warmer, you may begin receiving invitation after invitation to summer weddings. Weddings are beautiful opportunities to celebrate people you love and build memories that last a lifetime. However, they come at a cost.

Between gifts, travel, accommodations, and outfits, attending multiple weddings could put a substantial dent in your budget, especially if you don’t have the best credit score. But bad credit doesn’t have to ruin your wedding season.

This post will cover some tips for navigating wedding season without breaking the bank, from bad credit loans to frugal wardrobe and travel choices.

Consider a loan

No one wants to miss a close loved one’s wedding. However, attending sometimes comes at a high cost.

Wedding party members may have extra responsibilities, like bridesmaid dresses and makeup, or travel for specific events, making cost-cutting shortcuts impossible. In that case, a personal loan could alleviate some of the stress, even if you don’t have the best credit score.

Bad credit loans could help you obtain the funds you need to enjoy every aspect of your loved one’s wedding, from the bachelor or bachelorette party to the reception. You could repay the loan over months or even years, so you don’t have to face a huge bill as soon as the wedding ends.

Rent or thrift your outfits

During wedding season, you may have to attend various ceremonies and receptions with wildly different dress codes. But the cost of buying a new look for every occasion could add up quickly.

If you don’t want to rack up more credit card debt, consider affordable apparel options. Some online retailers offer formalwear for rent at a low cost. Alternatively, you could purchase outfits secondhand through thrift stores and boutiques.

Even individual pieces—like shoes, ties, or bags—could completely change your outfit and make it more suitable for different weddings.

Take advantage of travel alerts

Whether you’re invited to a destination wedding across the country or a small ceremony back in your hometown, travel for weddings could be a logistical headache. If you already have a high balance on your credit card, charging expensive airline tickets may not be an option.

To save money on travel, look out for discounted tickets. Many websites allow you to sign up for alerts when prices drop. You may also want to consider alternatives to flying, like taking buses or trains or even carpooling with friends.

Split costs when possible

You’re probably not the only wedding invitee hoping to limit spending this wedding season.

If other close friends or family members are on the guest list, consider splitting some expenses with them. For example, you and a friend or two could combine your funds to buy one of the pricier items from the wedding registry rather than stretch each individual budget for smaller gifts. You could also split hotel accommodations—one room with two beds usually costs less than two separate rooms.

Don’t be afraid to say no

During a hectic season, you may feel like you have weddings to attend every weekend. While there may be some ceremonies you can’t miss, you’re not obligated to check “yes” on every invitation you receive.

It’s perfectly reasonable to decline because you want to save money and work on rebuilding your credit. If you feel uncomfortable missing a wedding, you may consider purchasing a gift from the registry or sending a card to show your support.

The bottom line

Bad credit doesn’t have to keep you from the weddings that matter most. A few tricks could help you minimize the cost of attending a wedding. When necessary, bad credit loans could help you cover the expenses you need.

The people closest to you likely don’t expect you to spend a fortune on gifts, travel, or outfits; they value your presence on their special day.

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