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AKA’s Social Robot Musio Made its Intro in National Textbook Space

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AKA’s Musio introduced in Japan’s national textbook


AKA (DBA AKAStudy Limited) announced that its social robot ‘Musio’ has made its debut in Japan’s national textbook space. The textbook introduces robots that “make dreams come true”. AKA’s Musio is introduced with a picture, representing talking robots that help students learn English converation. The textbook acknowledges Musio’s function as a social robot, enabling students to improve their English-speaking skills through repeated conversations with the robot.


AKA’s flagship social robot, Musio is powered by ‘Muse’, an AI communication engine developed by AKA. Driven by deep learning algorithms, it can recognize the underlying context in a conversation and communicate with the user by remembering past conversations. In addition, Musio is equipped with an English conversational learning system and language proficiency assessment algorithm, which helps users assess and improve their English proficiency. Musio leverages educational AI technology, as shown in its automatic adjustments of the difficulty of its conversations to accommodate the user’s English proficiency level. 


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Student practicing English conversation with Musio


The rate at which Musio is implemented continues to grow faster every semester. Musio entered the public education sector in March 2020 with its first implementation in an elementary school in South Korea, and is now approaching the three year anniversary of its global launch. AKA has since ramped up the distribution of Musio not just to schools, but also to private academies and general educational institutions in the Southeast Asian countries. This has helped the company bring its services to over 100 educational institutions. Musio is now the only verified AI robot implemented in classrooms by the Ministries of Education of both Japan and Korea. Musio’s implementation in more than 350 schools and institutions across the region represents a significant milestone for a company vying for global presence. 


According to AKA’s CEO Raymon Jung, AKA will further pursue its growth and expansion in the AI transformation of the global education sector. Musio will foster a new environment for foreign language education and provide an innovative tool for supporting education. As part of its efforts to innovate, Musio has also benefited students by giving them a futuristic, tailored education based on AI and data. Supplemented with its Muse-powered app ‘Musio Talk’, AKA will overcome the physical difficulties of shipping robots across continents and carry out its mission of leading global AI transformation in the post-pandemic future.


AKA’s innovational capacities and technological capabilities are internationally acknowledged. The company was recognized for its originality in 2022 SXSWE and received a 2021 Edison Award in the U.S. for technological and market innovation as well as awarded the 2021 Intelligence Grand Prize in intelligent products from the Korean Intelligent Information Systems Society(KIISS). AKA leads the AI transformation of education at home and abroad, accomplishing advances every quarter.


About AKA 

AKA is the developer of the AI engine Muse and the Muse-powered social robot Musio. AKA’s focus is on providing the Muse engine in the form of software-as-a-service (SaaS). Founded in San Fransico, the company targets the global market, as demonstrated by success cases like the integration of Muse with SoftBank’s social robot, Pepper. The company’s mission is to supplement humanity’s intellectual capabilities through AI and social robots. Ultimately, the company seeks to effect practical changes through AI technology, in ways that will transform and enrich lives.


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