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Taking Workspace Sharing To a New Level: Growing and Evolving While Coworking

A recent survey of more than 290,000 employers across Maryland, Northern Virginia and the District of Colombia, confirmed that remote work is likely here to stay – which means there’s no pressing need to have dedicated offices any longer. But, with the pace of frequent in-person meetings, and greater hybrid work engagements, as opposed to exclusively remote work, set to rise in the coming months, now is the perfect time to re-evaluate your own workspace needs. 

But why invest thousands of dollars in buying and owning office property, when your employees prefer the hybrid work model? Not only does owning office space require huge amounts of capital expenditure, it also demands regular and ongoing upkeep and maintenance – which can add-up over time!  So, what’s the most practical alternative? Howard County coworking space!


Why Choose Coworking Space?

Before the world of work changed, businesses made full use of their owned office space. With employees always (or significantly) behind desks and on chairs, it made sense to co-locate all your talent in your own office space. But things have changed dramatically, with the new remote/hybrid work paradigm now firmly entrenched. This means that, even if you owned your office building, it’s unlikely that at any given point you’ll have 100% occupancy. That’s not a great use of real estate!

An alternative to owning your own Howard County office space, the Maryland Innovation Center’s (MIC) co-working eco system provides benefits that go far beyond just physical office space. Depending on the level of membership you choose, you get:

– Dedicated, fully-furnished office space, including individual offices, meeting rooms and conference venues

– Unhindered use of state-of-the-art office and co-working technology 

– Access to veteran entrepreneurs who can provide members the benefit of their extensive experience and expertise

– Limitless opportunities for networking and collaborating with likeminded communities of entrepreneurs 


The MIC’s 60,000 square-foot facility is centrally located between Baltimore and Washington D.C. This gives coworking employees, clients and other business stakeholders flexible access to the nation’s capital as well as to the Baltimore metro area. But physical proximity to key commercial hubs, and large amounts of office space aren’t the only things that MIC offers to innovative businesses that wish to grow and thrive.


Growth and Evolution Opportunities

As an entrepreneur in today’s highly competitive business environment, you need all the breaks you can get to evolve and grow your business. Accessing an entire co-working ecosystem, as opposed to just renting co-working desks and office space, gives you that competitive advantage. Consider the opportunities you can unlock when you share your office space with like-minded business people, eager to exchange ideas with you, help you solve similar challenges, and optimize your knowledge and experience with theirs.

This isn’t traditional office-space sharing or workspace hoteling, where all you get is a desk, chair, and shared Wi-Fi and printers.  With the MIC’s Howard County coworking space, you’ll get all that and more…but you’ll also experience an end-to-end innovation incubator where you learn, get support from peers and experts, and grow and thrive in your business. It’s where you want to be if you want to tap into the synergies of investors, global and local networks, teachers and like-minded professionals.