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Semarchy Partners with Texas Trees Foundation on Strategy to Strengthen Data Stewardship in Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Project

Data Software Leader Consults on Master Data Management and Data Governance for Innovative Initiative to Support Urban Forestry and Mitigate the Urban Heat Island Effect

PHOENIX (September XX, 2022) — Semarchy, a software leader enabling organizations to transform data into insights, has partnered with the Texas Trees Foundation to lend its expertise in master data management at a formative point in the continued transformation of the Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Project. As North Texas’ leading catalyst for urban forestry continues to lay the groundwork for its joint initiative with the Southwestern Medical District, the need to establish a process for responsible data governance is coming to the forefront.

This summer, historic heat waves and wildfires swept the American West, a forerunner to the extreme heat projected to afflict cities worldwide. The urban tree canopy is critical to protecting city dwellers as escalating environmental and social problems worsen with urbanization. Residents in vulnerable communities often suffer the most as climate change exacerbates the urban heat island effect. Data is essential to creating solutions to mitigating heat, yet organizations focusing on this issue tend to be under-resourced in data management. To help close the gap, Semarchy donated consulting services from a global expert to bolster the SWMD team’s capabilities in master data management.

“We focused our consulting with Texas Trees Foundation on leveraging our expertise around enterprise data management and governance, particularly data ownership and sharing, to strengthen the organization’s leadership in this space,” said Robin Peel, data management maestro, customer success at Semarchy. “In our consultations I have stressed the benefit of a top-down strategy, and the value of creating a ‘golden record’ from which to share data and analytics to foster a more strategic focus on data stewardship.”

Peel has a B.Sc. in Meteorology and deep expertise in data management, ranging from developing data-driven investment planning strategies for the British railway industry, strategic consulting with Ernst & Young, and most recently, driving success for Semarchy’s clients through their use of its unified data management platform.

“Understanding how critical good data governance is to achieving business outcomes, we saw this project as an opportunity to donate our core expertise to a leading entity that is pioneering solutions to mitigate urban heat,” said Brett Hansen, chief growth officer at Semarchy. “Trees are the answer, but where and what species to plant and other variables determine whether those plantings will succeed. We are honored to do our part to further data governance to help urban forests flourish.”

“The data management support that Semarchy provided has been invaluable,” according to Dr. Rose Jones, medical anthropologist and research strategist at TTF. “It has provided us with a solid framework to build a stellar research platform, positioning us to launch urban design and public health initiatives within the SWMD Streetscape Project earlier and with more fortitude than would have otherwise been possible.”


Semarchy, a leader in the data integration and master data management markets, enables organizations to rapidly generate business value from their data. Its unified platform enables organizations of any size to quickly discover, govern, manage, integrate and visualize critical information scattered across applications. Semarchy is available as an on-premises platform and is natively available on popular cloud marketplaces such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Semarchy is also managed as a service and supported by a rich ecosystem of software-as-a service and professional service partners. Semarchy is based in Phoenix, USA, with offices in London, UK, Lyon, France, and Mexico City, Mexico. For more information, visit www.semarchy.com.


The Texas Trees Foundation serves as a catalyst in creating a new green legacy for North Texas through transformational, research-based plans that educate and mobilize the public to activate the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits that trees and urban forestry provide for a better quality of life. For more information, visit www.texastrees.org.


TTF’s SWMD Streetscape Project is destined to become the new model for transforming medical districts into what they can and should be – holistic, integrated eco-communities where health and safety are not confined to the corridors of hospital walls. For more information, visit: https://swmdtransformation.com/.