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Jacob Korenblum Discusses Technology’s Role in Climate Action

As a respected leader in enterprise digital strategy, Jacob Korenblum has witnessed the real-world and positive impact technology can have in the world. The positive influence of technology can extend beyond marketing into the realm of climate action. Primarily, technology can help countries develop and execute plans for nature-based solutions and help level the playing field between developed and developing nations. While tech contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, when used appropriately, it can help resolve problems and lessen its negative effect.

Jacob Korenblum Discusses The Need for Technology in Problem Solving and Planning

Technology is a tool, and when used efficiently, it can create tremendous opportunities on a global scale. For one, it can help developing nations implement national climate action plans. Also, it can help create early warning systems for coastal and ocean adaptation.

National Climate Action Plans

Reducing global emissions is not a straightforward process; it requires the cooperation of countries, industries, and regulatory agencies. Unfortunately, not all countries are equipped to handle such coordinated actions within their own borders, let alone in cooperation with neighboring lands.

According to Korenblum, technology helps countries organize their plans; it can also help them coordinate specific objectives within their borders. Beyond internal communications and planning, integrated systems can help a country communicate and share data with neighboring nations.

Transparency and communication are essential as the world moves together toward greater climate action. Without standard tech and equipment, it is challenging to share and cooperate with climate goals on a global scale.

Coastal and Oceanic Adaptation

As the climate changes, seas, oceans, and waterways also change. The world has noted significant changes in ocean levels. Predictions paint dyer pictures of the losses of coastal communities.

Knowing how the ocean and water levels are changing is critical to the future of all humankind. Pollution, greenhouse gasses, and other factors all play a role in the world’s changing ecosystems, and technology can help diagnose, explain, and pinpoint solutions. All the world needs to do is come together, share ideas, and analyze the existing problems — all things technology can help with.

Jacob Korenblum and Others Believe in Technology as a Solution and Tool

According to Jacob Korenblum, technology is a tool with great promise. Every day new advancements are pushing the limits of what humans only dreamed was possible. There is no reason to think that technology doesn’t have a role to play in solving climate change or environmental crises. Climate action is about finding ways to protect, save, and preserve the environment and all its fragile ecosystems, including humanity. With the doomsday clock moving ever closer to midnight, people cannot afford to ignore one of the greatest tools in their tool chests.


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