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Digital Health in Immunology Sector Identifies the Emergence of Dominant Players including Dermanostic, Teladoc, Livongo, and Abaton – GlobalData Plc

The latest publication by GlobalData Plc titled Digital Health in Immunology – Thematic Research has been added to the report store. The report examines various factors responsible for digital health growth in the immunology industry. Digital health technologies are providing opportunities for improving disease treatment and management for patients and other stakeholders involved in the healthcare sector. In addition, digital health tools are becoming increasingly focused on specific indications including immunology resulting in various health tech companies vying for market share. Furthermore, pharma companies with therapy expertise are also becoming more involved with digital health providers. This will eventually lead to the adoption of digital health in the immunology sector. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated innovation in digital health as patients and physicians look for alternatives to in-person care.

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Digital Health Trends in Immunology

The main trends shaping the immunology digital health space over the next 12 to 24 months are covered in this report:

  • Healthcare trends
    • The impact of COVID-19 on digital health innovation
    • Continued acceptance of digital health technologies
    • Availability of increasing numbers of mHealth apps
    • Increased interest and activity in the DTx space
    • Increased demand for telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Increased use of digital biomarkers in clinical research
    • Increased activity from Pharma in digital health
    • Increased patient empowerment through the use of technology
  • Technology trends
    • Wearable technology
    • VR/AR
    • Big Data and AI will continue to dominate as transformational forces in healthcare
    • Cybersecurity
  • Macroeconomic trends
    • Skills shortage and talent building
    • Cost and rising healthcare demand
  • Regulatory trends
    • Europe: digital health reimbursement pathways
    • US: FDA guidelines on the development of DTx during COVID-19
    • Regulatory compliance is key

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Digital Health Immunology Value Chain Highlights

  • mHealth Apps: mHealth utilizes mobile technology and smartphones to achieve improved health objectives, outcomes, healthcare services, and research. Increasing network coverage, newer devices, and newer software offer novel opportunities for integration into existing health systems, placing mHealth technologies in a good position to promote quality health care.
  • Digital Therapeutics: Digital Therapeutics (DTx) delivers evidence-based therapeutic interventions that empower patients, healthcare providers, and payers with intelligent and accessible tools to remotely prevent, treat, or manage a wide range of conditions through high-quality, safe, and effective data-driven interventions. DTx products incorporate advanced technology best practices relating to design, clinical validation, usability, and data security.
  • Telemedicine Apps: Live video conferencing or on-demand telemedicine involves real-time, two-way interactions between a patient and an HCP using audio-visual telecommunications technology as an alternative to emergency department visits, urgent care, and out-of-hours services. This is often used to treat common conditions, assist with triage decisions, and conduct mental or behavioral health sessions.
  • Digital Biomarkers: Digital biomarkers span a broad range of diagnostic and prognostic measurements across a range of disease areas, but are particularly relevant in mental health, neurological disorders, CVD, and diabetes, as well as sleep and respiratory conditions.
  • VR/AR Software: VR is an immersive experience that uses headsets to shut out the physical world and transport users into simulated environments. AR is less complex than VR and involves the addition of virtual information such as sound, video, or graphics to enhance the physical world using AR glasses, heads-up displays, smartphones, and tablets.

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Digital Health in Immunology Companies

GlobalData highlights publicly listed and private companies that are making their mark within the immunology digital health space.

  • Dermanostic: Dermanostic is a teledermatology provider. Its app allows users to receive a medical diagnosis and therapy recommendation for skin diseases within 24 hours. Patients take three photos of their skin changes and fill out a short questionnaire. The data is reviewed and evaluated anonymously by a team of experts (medical specialists and professors of dermatology.
  • Teladoc: Teladoc is a large leading global provider of virtual care, transforming the access, cost, and quality dynamics of healthcare delivery. The telemedicine company went public more than five years ago in 2015.
  • Livongo: Livongo provides technology-enabled platforms for people with chronic disease. Outside of its focus in diabetes, it provides tools to help with behavioral health. Livongo was acquired by the telehealth company Teladoc in 2020.
  • Abaton: Abaton has developed an DTx in RA that connects specialist doctors with patients in a standardized way in order to track disease progression to bring the right therapy to the right patient at the right time.
  • HealthBeacon: HealthBeacon is a medical adherence technology company that develops smart tools for managing medication. The company developed a smart sharps bin for patients who self-inject medications at home that is digitally connected and programmed with personal medication schedules and uses customized reminders to help patients keep track of their medication.

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