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Augmented Reality in the Power Sector Witnesses Emergence of Dominant Players Including Arvizio, HeadApp, Kognitiv Spark, and Others – GlobalData Plc

The latest market analysis report titled Augmented Reality (AR) in Power – Thematic Research has been added to the report store by GlobalData Plc. AR technology is anticipated to aid the power sector in several ways. For instance, AR glasses allow visual modification of equipment using 3D models in real time. In addition, AR smart glasses and mobile equipment can also allow for the 3D imposition of relevant documents, which can help the worker understand the tools required to fix the issue, the maintenance history, and access asset user manuals.

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AR in Power Industry Highlights

  • The global AR revenue mounted to a total of USD 11 billion in 2022 and the AR market size is anticipated to value worth USD 152.2 billion by 2030.
  • The AR market is segmented by type and end-user. By type, the AR industry is often classified into AR software and AR hardware. While, in terms of end-user, the AR market is segmented into Enterprise AR and Consumer AR.
  • AR has been influential in catering to address several challenges faced by stakeholders in the power sector. For instance, AR helps in resolving the challenge of equipment maintenance, health and safety coupled with ESG, an aging workforce, and COVID-19.
  • Various companies are entering mutual agreements and partnerships with governments to strengthen their position in the market. For instance, China State Grid deploys RealWear to support equipment maintenance. In 2019, State Grid partnered with specialist sector AR vendor RealWear and invested in the vendor’s HMT-1 hands-free AR tool. The product, tested in Shanghai during a pilot session, ensured that workers did not have to remove their insulated gloves to use a touchscreen.
  • Similarly, Kognitiv Spark’s Remote Spark product improves efficiency in the power sector. The use of remote expertise ensures a higher degree of certainty when fixing assets, helps reduce downtime, and improves cost efficiency. AR technologies such as RemoteSpark can assist with training the retiring workforce and minimize the risk of cyberattacks.
  • In 2020, energy infrastructure company Siemens Energy partnered with Librestream to use its Connected  Worker solution to connect thousands of field workers via AR.

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Top AR Companies in Power Industry

  • Arvizio : Arvizio provides AR software solutions to enable 3D visualization and multi-user collaboration to enhance training and asset maintenance. Like other AR companies, it allows workers to be connected to and instructed by subject matter experts remotely.
  • HeadApp: HeadApp is a VR and AR company that provides solutions to companies in the energy, healthcare, insurance, logistics, maintenance, and manufacturing sectors. Its software can be integrated into RealWear hardware and several other hardware and software products.
  • Kognitiv Spark: The company works with industrial partners in the energy and utilities, industrial engineering, aerospace and defense, and nuclear sectors, focusing on AR for repair and maintenance. RemoteSpark, Kognitiv Spark’s flagship product, allows remote industrial workers to have a secure video call with experts while using 3D holographic assets as they attempt to fix technical issues.
  • Librestream: The company’s flagship AR product is a platform software solution called Onsight, which assists workers via AR-related mobile or headset devices using AI computer vision and IoT aggregation and visualization.
  • PIXO: Pixo is a VR and AR company that focuses on providing training solutions for companies in several sectors, including construction, engineering, travel and tourism, and power. Its flagship product, PIXO Apex, is an extended reality headset (combining AR, MR, and VR) that operates via the cloud and allows for remote consultation, training, and data collection. In 2021, the company partnered with Energy Worldnet (EWN), a training solutions company, to provide AR training solutions to EWN’s international customers.
  • RealWear

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