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The Prevailing Cyberthreat Environment: Complacency can be a costly strategy!

When a cyberattack occurs (or is ongoing), the typical reaction is to gather all the facts, build an action plan, and then respond. Often, that approach wastes precious time! With their implementation of the MITRE ATT&CK framework, Quolab Technologies team of cybersecurity experts have moved from a reactive approach to fighting cyberattacks, to a data-informed proactive one. No longer must Incident Response (IR) teams rely on second-hand, or after the fact threat intelligence (TI) to keep corporate data and IT infrastructure safe from cyber criminals.  

Complacency Isn’t an Option

As early as 2015, Britain’s premier police force, Scotland Yard, was sounding the alarm about cybercrime complacency. And US government agencies continue to sound that alarm even today. From celebrities like Steven Spielberg, George Lucas and Oprah Winfrey, to small businesses and large multinational corporations, no one is immune from the reach of malicious cyber actors. And complacency only empowers the criminals to further their brazen attacks.

It’s not that Information Security (IS) professionals are deliberately complacent. In fact, the opposite is true – IS teams do all within their power to thwart attacks on corporate IT infrastructure. But they have their hands full! By giving them a set of tools to fight back, Quolab’s approach to implementing the MITRE ATT&CK framework takes complacency out of the mix. 

The Maryland-based company’s cybercrime-fighting platform automates the management of TI, cybercrime cases and incidents by integrating external TI feeds, information silos, security tools and ad-hoc data operations into a seamless, unified environment. So, even though cyber security operations center (SOC) teams have their work cut out for them, they’re never complacent about the threat landscape. 

Predict & Preempt: Integrated 24×7 Cybercrime Fighting

With the MITRE ATT&CK framework acting as the ever-watchful sentinel to corporate IT assets, IR teams are now able to do more in the limited time typically available to mount a successful defense.  Instead of pulling threat data, attack statistics, and activity logs from myriads of sources, the framework automates and unifies that process. It’s all happens seamlessly and continuously, which gives IS teams a 24×7 situational awareness of the treat theatre.

Having the benefit of the MITRE ATT&CK  platform’s protection allows cybersecurity teams to build a robust cyber defense capability by leveraging the expertise of prominent vendors such as Mandiant, WhoIsXML, Domain Tools, VMRay, and Binary Ninja. And, thanks to full support for MISP, STIX, OTX, YARA, HTML, and many more “open” threat feeds integrated into the platform, IS teams receive more seamless and dynamic threat prediction and prevention capabilities than ever before.

The time spent to acquire, collate, present and analyze potential threat scenarios is eliminated. Instead, the platform allows organizations to create powerful in-house security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) frameworks that focus on predicting and preempting potential threats by continuously analyzing signature behavior of malicious code and malevolent links and online resources.

Eliminating Silos& Segments

Over time, as overworked IR teams get complacent, most corporate information security platforms acquire a siloed and segmented look to them. This often disjoint and disparate approach to fighting cybercrime proves ineffective at preventing cyberattacks. Instead, silos and piece-meal IS systems enable cybercrime. Quolab’s MITRE ATT&CK framework eliminates those silos and helps organizations mount a robust defense against cyberattacks.