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Qobrix Offers Unique Property Matching Feature for Real Estate Professionals in the US

Dallas, Texas – Qobrix, a leading real estate customer relationship management (CRM) platform, offers a unique property matching feature that sets it apart from other real estate CRMs in the US.

The Qobrix CRM platform offers a powerful and efficient solution for real estate professionals, allowing them to streamline their workflow, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive more business. The platform’s customizable and flexible features are designed to meet the specific needs of real estate agents and agencies, making it easier than ever before to manage leads, listings, and client relationships.

However, Qobrix’s unique property matching feature is what really sets it apart from other real estate CRMs in the US market. With this feature, Qobrix can analyze a lead’s search preferences and match them with available properties from their relevant MLS. This makes the process of finding suitable listings much more efficient for both agents and clients. This feature is not commonly found in other real estate CRMs, which may require agents to manually search for properties that match their clients’ criteria.

In addition to the property matching feature, Qobrix offers a range of other tools to help agents streamline their workflows and provide exceptional service to their clients. One such tool is the brochure creator. Instead of sending a link to a matched property, agents can send an automatically generated brochure that presents the property in the best possible light. First impressions are crucial, and a brochure has a lasting impact that a simple link cannot match.

“We believe that our property matching feature and automated presentation tools will be a game-changer for real estate professionals in the US,” said Anthony Nathanael, CEO of Qobrix.

Real estate professionals in the US can experience the benefits of Qobrix by signing up for a free trial on the Qobrix website.


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About Qobrix

Qobrix is the perfect solution for real estate professionals seeking a user-friendly, time-saving CRM platform and a cutting-edge website solution. Qobrix offers a customizable and flexible solution that empowers you to effortlessly manage leads, listings, and client relationships through its leading real estate CRM. Choose Qobrix to streamline your workflow, deliver exceptional customer satisfaction, and boost your online presence.

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