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Northern Florida Hotspots That’ll Leave You with a Smile

When you think of Florida, beaches, theme parks, and sunny days may come to mind. But the Sunshine State also offers some hidden gems to those curious enough to find them.

From adventures on the water to exploring the great outdoors, plenty of hotspots in Northern Florida will leave you with a smile. And we’re not just talking about that fresh feeling you have after the dentist—Jacksonville, FL, Gainesville, Tally, and all the towns in between offer many must-visit locations:

Little Talbot Island

This state park is located off the coast of Jacksonville and is full of natural beauty and fascinating wildlife. You can hop on a ferry and explore its five miles of untouched beaches or trek through one of the many hiking trails made over the years.

Don’t forget your binoculars for some birdwatching, either—it’s home to dozens of species!

Cruise the Seven-Mile Bridge

This bridge spans seven miles, from Marathon Key to Little Duck Key, and is one of the longest in the US. Cruise along it in your car or rent a boat for an unforgettable journey through turquoise waters and gorgeous views of the endless sky.

Packing snacks is a must for this trip, as you can enjoy an outdoor lunch by the sea once you reach the end of your adventure.

Explore Kingsley Plantation

Kingsley Plantation, located in northern Florida, is a remarkable landmark of the US’s complex past. While taking this educational journey through history, travelers may find plenty of grounds to explore—from archaeological sites and tabby ruins to historic gardens filled with exotic plants and trees.

These visions of yesteryear showcase the interplay between cultures like no other historical location can. Visitors are bound to leave educated—and for a learning boost, consider an audio tour narrated by local historians or sail through the nearby waterways observing nature at its finest.

Go Tubing at Ginnie Springs

Go tubing at Ginnie Springs—a magical oasis located near High Springs! This crystal-clear spring is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or tubing down its winding river.

Remember your floaties and sunscreen as you tube through these natural waters surrounded by lush greenery and wildlife!

Dive Spiegel Grove

Dive Spiegel Grove offers divers an exciting adventure deep into the ocean’s depths. As one of North Florida’s most popular dive sites, it features a ship sunk to create an artificial reef from it.

The location now serves as home to some beautiful marine life, including turtles, sharks, and fish galore! Remember, though, that you should only dive in Spiegel Grove if you have experience diving in deep water, as it requires special training due to its depth (130 feet).

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