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Finally, a Hands-Free Travel Cart That Takes the Load Off Your Shoulders: the New HipStar® Trailers Store is live!

Travel is fun: locally, inter-state, adventurous trips, or internationally. Often, one of the dampening aspects of the journey is the luggage that either has to be backpacked, hung on a shoulder, or dragged in a suitcase. That’s where HipStar® comes as a fresh lease of life. The multi-purpose travel cart is attached to the hips with a harness, helping to carry loads of all types on two wheels. It follows the user around like a shadow, a companion one can trust every time, with all types of loads.

The proprietary concept is the brainchild of Igor Koshutin, CEO and Founder, and has been funded on Indiegogo. In a very short period, HipStar® has become the first choice for many globally across more than 30 countries. The first customers shared their feedback. Designed to be a fully adjustable, hands-free universal travel cart, HipStar®’s core is based on the principle of weight distribution along the axle so that the center of gravity is above and slightly ahead of the axle.

This results in apportioning the load weight perfectly, making every journey comfortable, and removing the strain and hassle of traveling with any load or luggage. Whether one runs, walks, or jogs, there’s no chance of the cart overturning or bumping into the person during the movements. The harness and shock absorbers work synchronously to remove all unwanted distractions while moving.

The proprietary design includes two large wheels, making every travel across all terrains smooth and bump-free, and an adjustable harness that fits perfectly with any waist size. It also has a retractable kickstand that lets the cart stand upright on its own. Additionally, the cart can be adjusted for any body shape, size, and height.

Helping every person create their vacations and legends, the HipStar® is best suited for families, solo travelers, hikers, campers, rescue teams, older adults, military personnel, and even people with limitations. When used, the travel cart helps reduce the weight load from 30 to 40 lbs to almost 2.5 to 3.5 lbs.

The HipStar® can be a part of every individual’s mobility journeys, on their legs only, in five different modes. In the travel cart mode, it is strapped to the hips across multiple terrains. As a backpack mode,  it can easily be carried on the back across wheel-non-friendly terrains. In the suitcase mode, the top handle works like a suitcase and can be pulled by hand. In the bicycle mode, the cart can be attached to the seatpost and pulled along as one cycles around. In the travel mode, the collapsible design allows for folding and packing of the cart.

I’m impressed by the HipStar. It looks robust, feels strong, and is bigger than I expected from the pictures and videos. But this is a positive thing, too. Thank You for Your hard work to make this happen, and I thank You for this expedited shipment before my vacation.” Tamas Jani, Hungary.

No matter where and how you travel, even a light backpack begins to weigh as much as a few bricks. You get tired. You get impatient. You waste half your day dealing with back pain. That’s when the idea for the HipStar® was born: a back-free, hands-free, light, collapsible travel cart that makes it easy to move heavy items over any terrain with little effort, literally doing the heavy lifting for you and can be used as a backpack or even a bike trailer if needed!

On November 18, HipStar was a part of the Henry Ford Innovation Nation TV Show on CBS – Season 10, Episode 7, “Hip Luggage Cart”.

HipStar Team is thrilled to share the proud moment as they announce the launch of the new online store HipStar® Trailers launched on November 15. For a limited time, here is an exciting Black Friday discount of 20%. Grab it by using the coupon code R8TYN3X9. It ends on November 25.

Click hipstartrailers.com for and shop a novel hands-free travel cart, and take the weight off your back!

HipStar LLC
[email protected]

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