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Digital Health in Immunology Market to Record CAGR of 24.2% during 2022-2027, Confirms GlobalData Plc

The latest market publication report titled Digital Health in Immunology Market Size, Share and Trends Analysis by Region, Product, Technology, Therapy Area, And Segment Forecast, 2022-2027 has been added to the report store by GlobalData Plc. The digital health in immunology market growth will be mainly driven by the increasing prevalence of immunological diseases. In addition, supportive government initiatives and a surge in strategic alliances will also promote the deployment of digital health in the immunology market. Furthermore, the latest advancements and introduction of innovative digital health platforms for immunology will lead the digital health in immunology market to garner a CAGR of 24.2% during the projected period.

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The increasing adoption of digitization in healthcare coupled with the surging demand for telemedicine during the COVID-19 pandemic has emerged as some of the most prominent digital health in the immunology market trends. However, challenges pertaining to cybersecurity and data privacy concerns coupled with data standardization and interpretation issues might hinder the market’s growth in the upcoming years. The report classifies the main trends influencing the market over the next 12 to 24 months as healthcare trends, technology trends, regulatory trends, and macroeconomic trends. The digital health in immunology market report covers the key value chain components including device, device layers, connectivity layers, app layers, and data layers. Other key components include mHealth Apps, digital therapeutics, telemedicine apps, digital biomarkers, and VR/AR software. The report also covers digital health in the immunology industry’s PORTER’s Five Forces Analysis.

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Digital Health in Immunology Market Segment Highlights

By Technology

  • Telemedicine: The segment held the largest digital health in immunology market share in 2021 as telemedicine usage has expanded considerably during COVID-19. Telemedicine has allowed doctors to offer continuing care while decreasing face-to-face encounters, preserving social distance, and lowering possible COVID-19 exposures. According to the American Medical Association, telehealth is popular among allergy and immunology doctors, with the majority preferring live audio-visual modalities to visits. Telemedicine through live video conferencing, store-and-forward or asynchronous transfer, remote patient monitoring, and mobile health will further propel the market’s growth during the forecast period.
  • mHealth
  • Digital Therapeutics
  • Others

By Therapy Area

  • Dermatology: The dermatology segment accounted for the largest digital health in immunology market revenue in 2021. The segment will continue to account for the largest share throughout the forecast period. Healthcare practitioners gathered the information for video consultations to continue care, with well-known live-video-conferencing services assisting many dermatologists during the epidemic. The promise for technology, however, has expanded beyond video call solutions in dermatology.
  • Rheumatology
  • Gastroenterology

Regional Opportunities

  • North America: North America is estimated to continue to dominate the global digital health in immunology market share during the forecast period, owing to the presence of significant market participants, improvements in health IT infrastructure, rising technology literacy, lucrative funding possibilities, supportive governmental policies, and the rise of startups. Key players are introducing creative product development strategies to broaden their product portfolios to meet the rising demand for digital health solutions.
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • ROW

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Digital Health in Immunology Market Vendor Landscape

The digital health in immunology market is expected to witness intensive competition from emerging as well as existing players. The players are consistently engaged in launching new products and innovative solutions to ensure their dominance is retained in the market. The companies are eagerly engaging in strategic partnerships and collaborations to strengthen their market positions and make the most of the market opportunities. The report covers various key players and their key product offerings along with the strategic initiatives.

Top Digital Health in Immunology Market Players

  • Ampersand Health: The company provides personalized digital therapies meant to help in treating chronic inflammatory conditions. The company offers My IBD Care and My Arthritis DTx. In January 2021, Ampersand Health launched a new digital therapeutic for people living with Inflammatory Arthritis.
  • Elsa Science AB: The company develops digital health-tracking systems aimed at providing proactive, individualized care in rheumatology. In November 2021, Elsa raised US$4.5 million to launch rheumatic chronic care service in the US for people with inflammatory rheumatic disorders. Elsa Science has developed a digital companion that enables remote patient monitoring and chronic care management.
  • Mymee: The company offers a digital care program that uses symptom tracking, powerful data analytics & certified health coaches to empower those who suffer from autoimmune diseases. The company offers Mymee Digital Health which combines an instinctive consumer mobile app, data analytics, and qualified health coaches to recognize triggers for disease symptoms and modify behavior to improve health.

Some other companies covered in the report are:

  • Bold Health Limited
  • MetaMe Health
  • Cara Care
  • Nori Health BV
  • Midaia GmBH
  • Welby
  • RPM Healthcare, LLC.

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