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9.7% CAGR to Get Recorded in B2C eCommerce Market with Highest Revenue from Online Payment, Confirms GlobalData Plc

9.7% CAGR to Get Recorded in B2C eCommerce Market with Highest Revenue from Online Payment, Confirms GlobalData Plc

The Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce Market Forecast by Region, Payment Type, and Segment, 2021-2026 report has been added to the report store by GlobalData Plc. The analysts have examined various factors triggering the B2C eCommerce Market to Garner a CAGR of 9.7% during 2021-2026. Some of the most prominent factors influencing the B2C eCommerce market growth positively are the emergence of Big Data and AI, the popularization of electronic payments, innovative last-mile delivery solutions, horizontal and technological integration, and improved connectivity with an increase in Internet penetration.




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Revenue-generating B2C eCommerce Market Segment Highlights

By Payment type

  • Online: Includes payment instruments such as Android Pay/Google Pay, Apple Pay, bank transfer, credit or charge card, debit card, PayPal, Alipay, and Tenpay. The online payment segment held the largest B2C eCommerce market share and revenue in 2021. Growing internet penetration across the globe makes it easier for customers to opt for online payment options. Moreover, mobile phone applications that aid in online payment further ease the payment process. In addition to internet penetration supporting online payments, eCommerce platforms provide additional benefits and offer for customers that opt to pay online.
  • Offline

Regional Deep Dive

  • Asia Pacific: Factors influencing the Asia Pacific B2C eCommerce market growth are a considerably large population coupled with increasing internet penetration and horizontal integration with rising mergers & acquisitions by major companies. Key countries and the market sizes for B2C eCommerce covered in this report from the Asia Pacific region include India, China, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Rest of Asia Pacific.
  • North America
  • Europe
  • South & Central America
  • Middle East & Africa

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Top B2C eCommerce Market Players

  • Alibaba Group Holding Ltd: The company provides fundamental technology infrastructure services to merchants, brands, retailers, and businesses to market, sell and operate using the Internet.
  • com Inc: The company provides products such as apparel, automotive and industrial items, beauty and health products, electronics, groceries, books, games, jewelry, kids and baby products, movies, music, sports goods, toys, tools, and other related products. The company also provides related support services, including home delivery and shipping, cloud web hosting, and other web-related services.
  • Apple Inc.: In February 2021, Apple Inc announced a partnership with Target Corp to offer a new shopping experience both online and at select stores, which will expand its footprint in select Target stores.
  • eBay Inc:
  • com Inc
  • Pinduoduo Inc
  • Rakuten Group Inc
  • Shopify Inc
  • Walmart Inc
  • Zalando SE

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