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Unlock Your Meditation Spiritual Art with an Art Therapy Journal

Using an art therapy journal is an important tool in cultivating your meditation spiritual art. SoulPages mentors trained by Rakefet Hadar, founder of SoulPages, learn a number of spiritual and meditation practices that can be incorporated into a journaling practice for greater self-enlightenment.This unique approach integrates art therapy and spiritual practice within an art journal. A written journal is widely recommended as a way to process inner feelings and experiences, however the process of an art journal takes this personal growth to an entirely new level, further enhancing spiritual growth.

How is an art therapy journal different from a written journal?

Here are just a few of the ways an art therapy journal brings greater satisfaction and growth:

1. We are nearly all visual learners. Our brains are wired to take visual information and quickly process it so we can make the best decisions for our safety and welfare. By using visual imagery in an art journal, we can instantly see the previously hidden layers of our thought life. It’s like the difference between reading a lengthy paragraph versus a bar graph or pie chart to understand data. With the aid of a graphic chart, we can instantly see critical information. In a similar manner, an art therapy journal provides visual insight into emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and experiences.

2. We find satisfaction in creativity. Being creative has been a defining characteristic of the human brain since the beginning of our evolution. Often as adults, we get busy with life’s demands or become self-conscious of our creative works and allow creative personal expression to fall away. Yet when we give ourselves permission to “play” creatively through a simple tool like an art therapy journal, we open areas of our being that have been longing to be expressed. Spiritual art relies on releasing our intuitive nature to create an expression of what is ordinarily unseen but is deeply felt. Opening to creativity allows our spiritual nature an outlet.

3. We open ourselves to authenticity. Through the regular process of collage, colors, and making doodles, we begin to relax into a freedom of expression that actually reinforces a joyful acceptance of our more authentic selves. This connection to our true selves is a vital part of any meditation spiritual art practice. Our motivations to meditate and connect to our spiritual selves may vary, but it nearly always includes a desire for greater truth. Allowing ourselves to freely create helps open the door of discovery to our deepest selves.

4. The benefit of an art therapy journal is ongoing. People who use art journals for meditation and spiritual growth enjoy the ease of revisiting their insights through the ready format of a visual journal. Opening to a colorful SoulPages spread brings back waves of satisfaction and sometimes can trigger even new insights. In an art therapy journal, it’s easy to add new discoveries to a previous spread through the use of doodles, images, or words.

Are you interested in discovering the meaningful practice of an art therapy journal ? Are you ready to level up your meditation spiritual art? If so, you may want to explore the next SoulPages Mentor Training. Even if you don’t intend to teach SoulPages to others, the immersive training will give you deep practice in a number of key methodologies for helping your visual journal open new insights with a profound sense of satisfaction. Sign up today!

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