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New Whitepaper Illuminates the Path for eDiscovery in the Age of Data Disruption

A Collaboration with The Cowen Group

[NEW YORK – JANUARY 30, 2024] Lineal, in collaboration with The Cowen Group, announced the release of a pivotal whitepaper titled “Equipping eDiscovery for Data Disruption.” This significant publication, a product of a Cowen Group-led cohort of industry experts, dives deep into the evolving challenges in eDiscovery, marking a crucial advancement in understanding and addressing the complexities of modern data types in legal contexts. 

As the landscape of data evolves, legal teams face the daunting task of adapting to a variety of new data forms. The whitepaper sheds light on the limitations of traditional eDiscovery methods, particularly in handling complex data types like chats, collaboration apps such as Microsoft Teams and Slack, structured data from ERP and CRM platforms, and semi-structured data such as Asana and Jira. Through meticulous research and expert insights, “Equipping eDiscovery for Data Disruption” proposes innovative approaches and tools necessary to navigate this ever-changing terrain.

Key highlights of the whitepaper include:

  • An in-depth analysis of the shift from single-use document review strategies to data review strategies that can be re-used and repurposed from a central repository.
  • Expert insights into the challenges posed by the diverse array of data sources, including collaboration platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, messaging platforms like WeChat and WhatsApp, financial systems like Bloomberg and SAP, audit logs from databases, the vast variety of audio and video file types, and more.
  • Strategic approaches for more efficient data collection, processing, and review, emphasizing the importance of integrating advanced technologies and methodologies.

“In this paper, we find ourselves standing at the cusp of a new era—The Beginning of Next Level Thinking in eDiscovery. The net new thinking presented here is a remarkable next step, with profound implications for the eDiscovery industry’s future.” – David Cowen, President, The Cowen Group

“We are in a moment of foundational change in our industry similar to what we experienced in the early 2000s when we shifted from hard copy to electronic documents. Today, discovery is shifting from a world of documents to a world built on data. It is imperative to ideate and adopt approaches that address the reality of modern data. This whitepaper not only highlights the challenges we face with data disruption but also charts a strategic course for the future. It underscores our commitment to providing solutions that are not just responsive to current needs but anticipate future trends in our industry” – Major Baisden, CEO, Lineal

This whitepaper is an essential read for legal professionals, IT experts, and anyone involved in the eDiscovery process. It offers not only a comprehensive understanding of the current challenges but practical solutions to equip organizations for the future of data management in legal contexts.

The whitepaper “Equipping eDiscovery for Data Disruption” is available for download here.

About Lineal

Lineal is an innovative eDiscovery and legal technology solutions company and empowers law firms and corporations with modern data management and review strategies. Established in 2009, Lineal specializes in comprehensive eDiscovery services, leveraging its proprietary technology suite, Amplify, to enhance efficiency and accuracy in handling large volumes of electronic data. With a global presence and a team of experienced professionals, Lineal is dedicated to delivering custom-tailored solutions that drive optimal legal outcomes for its clients. For more information, visit lineal.com

About The Cowen Group

The Cowen Group is committed to elevating and accelerating professional growth through community building and educational events. Specializing in the business of law, we connect innovators and thought leaders across the industry, fostering discussions on Legal Innovation, eDiscovery, and more.

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