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IMS Acquires Trial Division of Precise, Inc.

PENSACOLA, FLA | IMS Consulting & Expert Services, the nation’s leader in fully integrated high-stakes dispute resolution services, announced today that it acquired the trial division of Pennsylvania-based firm Precise, Inc. The combination will allow clients access to an expanded range of sophisticated graphics and animation, medical illustrations, litigation video, and trial presentation services as they design and execute their strategies throughout the life of their case.

“Growing our presence in the Northeast will be a great benefit to our clients by providing them with new capabilities, an additional level of expertise, and a wealth of trial experience,” said IMS Chief Executive Officer, James Crane.

Both firms share consistent values related to rigor and exceptional client service and have earned strong customer loyalty spanning decades. IMS provides its corporate, Am Law, and boutique firm clients with trial services during every phase of the litigation lifecycle, including expert witness selection and preparation, jury consulting, trial graphics, and trial presentation. Similarly, Precise has helped law firms and corporate legal teams prevail with the use of trial technology since 2000.

“We are trusted by our clients to provide exceptional service and support and work diligently to ensure that the most innovative services can be found at IMS. Coming together with the trial division of Precise, Inc. has created a tremendously talented and strong team.” said Crane. “We are thrilled for our clients.”

Along with the newly acquired Philadelphia and Pittsburgh offices, the IMS network includes Dallas, Denver, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Oakland, Pensacola, and the United Kingdom.

About IMS Consulting & Expert Services

IMS Consulting & Expert Services delivers award-winning consultative trial and expert services for the most influential global firms through every stage of litigation. Combining the perspectives and proprietary methods developed over 30 years and more than 3,000 trials, IMS provides attorneys with the essential services they need to win: integrated strategy, expert witness placement, jury consulting, trial graphics, and trial presentation. With strategic locations in major US and UK markets, the IMS team is primed to support in-person and remote litigation needs from coast to coast. More at expertservices.com.

About Precise, Inc.

Founded by attorneys in 2000, Precise, Inc. helps law firms and corporate legal teams use technology to level the playing field regardless of the size of the firm or the scope of the litigation. Precise’s highly specialized subsidiaries, Precise Advisory, Precise Discovery, and Precise Trial, employ dedicated litigation support professionals, including attorneys, trial consultants, eDiscovery experts, medical illustrators, legal video specialists, graphic artists, and expert animators to provide focused litigation support and expertise throughout the case lifecycle. With primary offices in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, PA, the Precise companies serve clients nationwide. More at precise-law.com.

See Campaign: https://expertservices.com

Contact Information:

Name: Julie Amos
Email: [email protected]
Job Title: Chief Strategy Officer

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