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Finding the Right CO2 Incubator: Meeting the operational, logistical, and financial challenges

By ensuring cultures receive CO2 in a controlled and humidified environment, along with constant temperature, a co2 incubator creates an environment to promote optimal cell growth. Today, these devices are a staple at most labs, however, depending on the manufacturer, make, model, capacity, and features, they can be quite expensive. In fact, laboratory operators may even face long sourcing lead times to get devices per their specifications. At LEI Sales, we have the answer to pricing, availability, and quality.

Small Floor Space Challenges

The days of large-footprint labs, with unlimited space and footage at their disposal, is long over. With real-estate at a premium, especially for professional services delivery, laboratory designers and planners must think out of the box to make their labs fully functional in smaller spaces. 

For laboratories where space is at a premium, it’s often a challenge to configure lab layout for optimal efficiency. In order to overcome that challenge, lab managers may consider new, or gently used co2 incubators that are purpose-built space-savers.  The Caron Oasis CO2/O2 incubator (single chamber) is just the device to meet those needs.

It’s 6 Cu. Ft design makes it a compact companion to the rest of your layout. Each unit comes with a stacking kit, which means you can stack your incubators vertically, instead of them consuming valuable horizontal floor space. And, your lab managers can take advantage of its   rapid 90°C moist heat decontamination cycle to implement an overnight maintenance-free cleansing protocol. 

Alternately, if you are looking for a new co2 incubator, and are still challenged for space, the 3.4 Cu. Ft (95L) Yamato IC-403CW general purpose incubator might be a good fit. Supporting an interior dimension of 17.7in (w) x 16.1in (d) x 15.7in (h), and temperatures ranging from ambient +5 to 70C, this general purpose incubator is great for validation work. The aerodynamic round corners and edges add to its aesthetics, while the built-in self-diagnostic safety features ensures that the incubator alerts operators in the event of an issue.

Sourcing and Financing Challenges

Here, at LEI Sales, we carry the widest array of new, pre-owned, refurbished and moderately used co2 incubators. Our online catalogue includes models from top manufacturers, including:

– Forma

– Sanyo

– Thermo Forma

– Yamato

– Caron Oasis

– and many more

Depending on your requirements, you have the option to choose from a variety of features, including stand-alone or dual stack, single or double doors, single chamber or multi chamber models, previously owned, or a new co2 incubator

Your choice of make, model and operational requirements will generally determine lead-time. However, many of the items listed in our catalogue are already in our warehouse, and can ship within 5-days. Compare that with the weeks it might take to source a new device from overseas manufacturers today – no thanks to the ongoing supply chain challenges!

We also offer competitive, value-based pricing, which means your laboratory furnishing and equipment budget will always remain in-line with your estimates. And, whether you choose new or used incubators, we also offer convenient interest-free installment payment plans, that make your overall purchase affordable.