Your first travel to Washington, DC: A Definitive Guide

Traveling to the capital of the United States is truly an exciting vacation. With so many things to see and do, however, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed. One of the major things you have to ask yourself is what do you want to prioritize doing on your vacation. There are a limitless amount of things to see and do in the capital, however only a limited time to experience it all. Here is a travel guide to help you determine how you want to spend your Washington DC vacation.

Find a Place to Stay That Suits Your Needs

The first thing you are going to have to figure out when you are traveling to Washington DC is where you would like to stay. This all comes down to what parts of the city you want to explore, and what sort of atmosphere that you want. For example, if you want a beautiful suburban neighborhood, you might want to consider Cathedral Heights. The blog post titled “Washington DC Neighborhood Guide: Cathedral Heights” mentions that Cathedral Heights is a fantastic community that is filled with some extravagant restaurants, and some unique shops as well. Along with that, the neighborhood itself is named after the National Cathedral, a tourist attraction you will definitely want to check out. Another fantastic thing about this location is that it is only a fifteen-minute drive away from the major capital buildings. This is a great location if you want to be close to the downtown area but still stay in a nice community during your trip.

If you are planning on staying on foot for your trip, you might want to consider staying in a hotel located right in the downtown core. All of the hotels have been strategically placed to allow you to see as much as possible without having to move around all that much. Make sure that the place you decide to stay in is one that you are going to be happy with and love.

Check Out The Capital Buildings and Landmarks

While government and politics might not be for everyone, you certainly cannot pass up the opportunity to see these buildings when you are staying in Washington DC. The four major landmarks of Washington DC are all located close to each other and can be accessed by a short walk.

The White House and Capitol Building

These two buildings are architecturally stunning and are beautiful to look at from both the inside and the outside. If you want to see the inside of them, make sure you book a tour. There is nothing comparable to seeing the inside of these buildings, and you will gain a whole new appreciation for your country if you walk through these hallways. You cannot go to Washington DC without at least seeing one of these buildings.

The Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

Close to these two buildings are both the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial. Once again, these are two grand structures that have been designed and erected to pay homage to two of the greatest presidents within the country. The size of these monuments will take your breath away. After you have gotten your tours of the buildings, make sure you go for a walk to see these monuments.


If going to the government buildings isn’t your thing, that’s okay as there is still plenty to take in within the city itself. The Smithsonian Institution in the capital has plenty of free exhibits for you to take in. If you are looking for a more cultured museum experience, there are also Chinese American museums and several others looking at the cultural impact of other races in the country. As this is the capital of the country, there are a ton of historic buildings and museums that you can check out.

The Nightlife and Entertainment

While Washington DC is not known for its nightlife and entertainment as much as cities like New York and Las Vegas, it still has a bustling crowd. In the downtown area, there are plenty of lavish bars for you to check out, and if you are interested in watching a play or comedy club, you will find several as well. As you are in the capital, you can expect to find many pieces of entertainment catering to the political atmosphere. Bands like the Capitol Steps will leave you laughing as they create a full musical mockumentary of the current political atmosphere. There is no shortage of things to see when you are visiting.

When it comes to finally going on your trip, pick a few things that you truly want to see and take them in. Don’t clutter your itinerary with too many things either, as you will need time to relax at the end of each day. What do you plan on doing when travelling to Washington DC?

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