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World’s first multistep trauma & suicide recovery program at

World’s first mult

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 11, 2021  11:13 AM ET

Las Vegas, Nevada February 1st – A necessary and relevant call to action has been answered today- Reach In Now University at releases The 11 Triumphs Courses; the world’s first multistep trauma & suicide recovery program, and a member inherited survivor community. 

Let’s start with WHY? The COVID-19 infectious disease has ravished the world as a global pandemic that has killed thousands of individuals both young and old. As deaths related to the novel coronavirus have continued to rise, there is a silent pandemic impacting millions across the globe, and it hits as close as our own backyards; in our own communities, and is tearing apart our families. Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, the Center for Disease Control reports someone dies from suicide, every 40 seconds which is an estimated 800,000 suicide deaths per year. Deaths related to anxiety, depression, and mental dis-ease has increased 40%, presenting an unprecedented risk of mental illness and end-stage suicidality, targeting our Youth, Black, Indigenous, Latino, and LGBTQ communities. For every one suicide death, there are an estimated 26 suicide loss survivors- indicating a survivor community of millions across the globe. While existing trauma & suicide culture is to shame and stigmatize the subjects of mental health, trauma, and suicide- Especially so, in the above-mentioned high-risk communities. This leaves millions of people isolated, with unresolved trauma, and suffering in silence. 

Until today…

About the Creator- Bianca D. McCall, a licensed marriage and family therapist; 10 years a Founder & Operator of Desert Rose Counseling Group in Las Vegas, Nevada; President of the Desert Rose Gives Foundation; subject matter expert in the epidemiology- which is the study of suicidal behavior, and a suicide survivor has borne ‘Reach In Now’ the Healing, Recovery & Mental Fitness Movement- with creations of “Reach In”, the streaming docuseries featuring the incredible stories of trauma and suicide survivors, turning pain into a purpose driven life; ‘Reach In Now University’ at, the online education platform which features The 11 Triumphs Courses, and resource of a lifelong membership in a formally supported survivor community; and ‘The UNNI Podcast’, a live show on all major podcast platforms which invites influencer guests to join in responsible storytelling; and conversation to share lived experiences, proven resources- offering an aura of hope for all to relate.


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