World Smart shoes Technology that Expect to impact the market

Lovers of the Back to the Future saga surely remember the amazing shoes that the protagonist, Marty McFly, used in the second part of the series. Something that captivated the attention of the spectators was to see how they were able to adjust automatically to the feet of their owner. The possibility of having one of those copies is closer. The steps that technology has taken in recent years have allowed him to turn ordinary objects into something extraordinary. Examples of the above are smart bells that allow a person to talk to who knocks on the door from the comfort of your phone; objects that today coin the Smart Home concept. The term Smart seems to be the surname that extends the functions of something every day in the lives of its owners. Today we talk, for example, about smartphones and smartwatches; to this category has also come to the clothes, the shoes being a rather curious element. Brands such as Nike, Xiaomi and Altra Torin are part of the group that competes to develop these technological advances to make them shine in the market. Xataka, a technology website, recently released a list of smart shoes. The Nike HyperAdapt1.0, Nike Mag (the replica of the Back to the Future II tennis), Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes and the Altra Torin IQ, are part of their mentions. The first copy of the list is proud to implement the function of automatically adjusting once the person puts on the shoe. What happens inside the footwear is that it has a sensor in the part of the heel that, once it feels the pressure of the foot, adjusts to its dimensions. It also has some buttons that serve to tighten and loosen, if the owner wants to give a more personalized setting. "Would not it be great if a shoe, in the future, could feel when it is necessary to have it tighter or looser? Could it take you even more than you normally would if you felt you really needed an extra adjustment in a quick maneuver? That's where we're headed, in the future, the product will come alive, "says Tinker Hatfield, a renowned footwear designer for the Nike brand. For its part, the Xiami Mijia Smart Shoes have a built-in chip that communicates with the product app installed on the owner's phone. The information that can be found there includes the distance traveled, calories burned, heart rate and a streak that allows you to follow a training plan. The companies that develop these products still do not stop at the task of continuing to advance to offer greater features, comfort and design, so most likely these companies, and others that get on the bus communicate new developments. For now, the dream of many to have a shoe like the Back to the Future is already a reality, expensive but real.

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