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Wool Market by Size | Growth | Analysis | Trends and Forecasts to 2029-end

Jun 10, 2020 7:02 PM ET

iCrowd Newswire – Jun 10, 2020

The chemical industry is focused to keep the business operations running along with ensuring the labor safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To recover the losses created by the decline in demand for various products, the companies are capitalizing on the escalating demand for products such as disinfectants and personal protective equipment. Many leading players in the chemical industry have expanded their business to enter into the production of safety products. Companies are resorting to advanced technologies in production to reduce the dependence on work-force.

They are increasingly adopting advanced digital capabilities to integrate supply chain and logistics to ensure the effective delivery of products. The industry heads are seeking the real-time situation of their supply chains to identify potential weaknesses, especially in terms of geography, and strengthen it. The financial disclosures are being extended beyond the usual financial statements to deal with the risks that have aroused amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A new wool market research report published by the Persistence Market Research (PMR) about the global wool market during 2014-2018 and forecast for 2019-2029 provides important insights about the dynamics, trends, volume, and value. According to the study, in 2018, the value of global wool market was approximately US$ 33.8 Bn. This value is expected to grow over the forecast period (2019-2029) to reach nearly US$ 49 Bn by 2029-end.

The CAGR at which the market is likely to grow is ~3%. This significant growth in the global wool market can be attributed to several factors that are contributing to the growth of the global wool market. One of the key factors driving the wool market is the increasing disposable income of consumers across various geographies, which has significantly boosted the spending capacity of consumers on apparels and interior textiles.

Amidst Waning Demand, East Asian Countries Offer Bright Opportunities

China is one of the prominent regions in terms of the growth of the textile industry. Growth in the overall production as well as the export of textiles in China has been significant over the past few years. Hence, a prominent share of the global wool market volume is consumed from the textile producers located in China. The wool consumption is comparable in all the end uses of wool, which include the production of apparels, interior textiles, and floorings. Furthermore, other favorable conditions, such as economical textile production, the availability of raw material, and significant growth of the manufacturing sector in China, are expected to boost the consumption of wool from textile industries. Thus, East Asia, with a significant contribution from China, is expected to provide attractive opportunities for the growth of the global wool market.

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