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  • The Mission of the Americas Security Summit 2021 is to engage in a debate with representatives from international organizations, chief of polices and the private sector of the United States with a mission to emphasize the importance of increased cooperation on all levels.
  • The two day event for decision makers across intelligence , security, defense, digital terrorism, cyber security and civil emergency and preparedness  
  • Attending delegates will gain valuable insight and information, engage in important strategies , ideas exchanges, partnership , collaboration and connect with peers and meet innovators of latest tech and solutions.

Washington DC, June 17, 2021. On August 26-28, the U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce launched its new Transnational the Americas Security Summit 2021 “Cooperating Across Borders: Tackling Illicit Flows, Kidnapping and Extorsion” ” in the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC. The event is not open to the public. The theme of the conference is: “Understanding An Americas’ Agenda of the Security and Preparedness in a Digital Era”.

We organize this edition for more than 100 high-profile and senior decision-makers as well as thought-leaders from around the region, including Mayors, Chief of Polices, leading personalities of international and non-governmental organizations, high-ranking representatives of industry, and civil society, to engage in an intensive debate during the 2 days of the magistral activity.

The 2021 edition presents an exclusive conference about Intelligence and Security avenues address to rural and vulnerable municipalities together security forces, intelligence working professionals, traditional, and global leaders in the industry in the quest for research, investigate and knowledge against the criminal activities in the region.

The U.S Minority Chamber of Commerce recognize the importance of cooperation and sharing to ensure a more effective approach to combating the common threats faced by the countries of Latin America and the United States. The 2021 Americas Security Summit DC therefore aims to build on the existing relationship through focusing on:

1. Transform with innovation-building police forces, to mitigate security threats to/originating from the region against the interest of the private sector of the United States

2. Fostering strengthened cooperation among the rural and vulnerable communities as well as with their police agencies in the area of internal security, equipment, training and preparedness.

3. Partnership and Cooperation resulting in a better understanding and more contacts approach to combating the common threats posed by organized crime and terrorism using illegal immigration and other criminal activities like money laundry and cyber security.

4. Combating a new evil strategy: “A new way of terrorism, the social media spectrum”

“Promoting and Supporting capacity building for cooperation and public-partnership in security with the law enforcement authorities of the region, is a key priority for the Chamber in different fronts”, said Doug Mayorga, CEO of the U.S Minority Chamber of  Commerce, “ We are very excite to bring a board in the summit key players from foreign and U.S government,  and global security expertise particularly the Israel’s experiences”

The Americas Security Summit will have panels discussion, workshop, receptions and general sessions with chiefs of policy, experts and contributing members/partners of the Chamber findings and discussed possible collaborative approaches to combating illicit flows affecting the Americas.

About the Americas Security Summit 2021: The XI edition is selecting spotlights of transnational illicit flows themes – from the trafficking of goods, digital terrorism,  arms, and people, to illicit financial flows – which endanger Latin America and the Caribbean  security by funding conflicts and perpetuating instability in the region. The exclusive event focusing to illustrates regional and international security implications, impact and risk to the private sector of the United States, and provides ideas for cooperative solutions, building on ongoing efforts by many institutions across the region with intermediation of the U.S MCC. The event is no open to the public.

About the U.S MCC: Founded in September 2000 and Headquarters in Washington DC, and global centers in in Los Angeles, Miami , Colombia, Honduras, Costa Rica, and  Puerto Rico. As the largest minority business organization in the United States providing tools related to Intelligence,  Security, Emergency-Preparedness & Digital Development to collaborate, share knowledge and prepare for future challenges to foreign governments and entrepreneurs in order to reach  main compromise from actors in the international security sector to build public-private partnership- coalitions – not just across borders but also across sectors that include U.S private enterprise to be localized in affected communities. More information: www.minoritychamber.net

The event will be broadcast pay peer view most of our debates and disseminate the results of our events via reports, interviews, and social media.

For Interview and RSPV:
Maria Loaisiga
Senior Director- Public Affairs U.S MCC


See Campaign: https://www.minoritychamber.net
Contact Information:
Maria Loaisiga (786)406-2190 director@minoritychamber.net 1111 Brickell Floor 10, Miami, Florida 33166.

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Contact Information:

Maria Loaisiga
1111 Brickell Floor 10, Miami, Florida 33166.