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Why do you Require Hong Kong VPN for Gaming- Top Reasons

Reliable VPNs like Hong Kong VPN is an excellent service you can use for gaming reasons. The following are the 3 of the best reasons why you need Hong Kong VPN for gaming. Read on!

Prevent DDoS Attacks

In case you are not familiar with this type of attack already a DDoS (abbreviation for distributed denial-of-service) attack is a particular attack where someone sends a lot of requests from computers that are compromised to a single system to compel it to go offline.

At one certain point, DDoS attacks were often reserved for sites and at times online games. However, in today’s world, DDoS software is available readily so almost anyone can carry out and execute a DDoS attack against a site or other user around the world. What this means is that someone you are playing against in an online game can very well try to DDoS you.

This is where a Hong Kong VPN comes in the picture! Because a Hong Kong VPN masks your Internet Protocol address, anyone trying to DDoS you cannot find your connection to bombard it with unnecessary information and thus you are safe in this way.

No Need to Worry about Bandwidth Throttling While Gaming

It is true that majority of the internet service providers slow down or throttle bandwidth for some reason or the other. Some ISPs throttle during particular times and days to lower congestion on the network.

Other ISPs throttle automatically if they detect particular traffic on the network, especially gaming file sharing and streaming. Many also throttle once they observe a particular amount of data being transferred.

You should know that how much data for every hour a game uses is contingent on the game that you are playing.  The data amount a game use varies to a considerable extent according to game title, type of game, and by what you exactly do in the game. If you play for more than a couple of hours every day, and download all the required gaming updates, you might find that you reach a cap on the data rather quickly.

A Hong Kong VPN can assist you in avoiding data throttling by encrypting all of your data, making it difficult for your ISP to find out whether you are just browsing the net or gaming. Since Hong Kong VPNs are premium VPNs, they can also switch what ports you make use of, making it even more challenging for your ISP to slow down your data.

No Concern about IP Bans

This is another popular reason why you should use Hong Kong VPn for all of your gaming. Many of the game manufacturers use Internet Protocol bans as a means of keeping users out of a game, if they breach the rules and the terms of service of the game.

You might be surprised to know that have even been some scenarios where users get Internet Protocol banned without any reason at all. Some of these bans are temporary – kind of like a week’s ban for bad behavior, while other bans are permanent.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is not good to breach any sort of rules or terms of service. But if you end up having your IP banned for some reason, linking through a VPN provides you a new Internet Protocol address so you can easily bypass the ban and this is a big advantage!

Bottom Line

These are some of the top reasons for using a Hong Kong VPN such as ExpressVPN Hong Kong for all your gaming needs. This is a great VPN to making your gaming experience as smooth as possible and keep you out of all trouble and other loopholes. In fact, many gamers around the world are already using this Hong Kong VPN for gaming and are very pleased with the service offered.