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What Your Hair Says About How Healthy You Really Are

what your hair says about how healthy you really are

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 2, 2021  6:00 AM ET

Your hair may tell you a lot more than you think. The hair is a body tissue and it is where the body dumps minerals and toxic metals that are in excess and also takes from the hair if the body is depleted. Knowing what makes up the mineral content of your hair is fast becoming the best way to learn why you have symptoms but nothing is showing up as abnormal on a blood test. This is because a hair test is a window into the cell and the metabolism of the cell. The hair mineral test is a predictive tool and you can find out what problems you may get in the future and also what is causing health issues right now. There may be underlying health problems brewing, which you know nothing about from just a visual inspection of your mineral status in the hair. Over time, not knowing what your hair has to say about your overall health may lead to serious, and long-term, health problems.

The Truth Lies in your Hair

Many individuals with luscious, glossy, vibrant hair take pride in their appearance. To them, the age old saying “Healthy hair means healthy body” may ring true. And it does – in most cases. But there may be a secret buried in your hair and science, like hair mineral analysis, may be the only way to reveal the hidden truth.

If you:

 – Work in a toxic environment for a long time
– Frequently visit or reside in an area with high concentrations of pollution and low air quality
– Drink water from contaminated municipal water supplies
– Aren’t eating the right balance of nutritious foods
– Are unknowingly ingesting harmful substances through either OTC or prescribed medication…
– Live with a lot of stress and drink a lot of soda pop or coffee
– Pushing yourself too hard and eating junk food on the run…

…then your health may be a ticking time bomb – waiting to explode!

You’ll look in the mirror every day, and see a “healthy” set of hair staring back at you. Presumably, you’re in great shape. But here’s the truth:

Unhealthy lifestyle choices, processed foods, harmful drugs and dangerous environmental substances may take years to overtly show what they’re really doing. The harm they’re causing can often go undetected for prolonged periods – leaving them to wreak havoc on your health. A simple hair analysis from a UK specialist might help detect the problem early, and recommend a course of action to prevent further damage.

The Risk of False Assumptions

A parallel scenario is where you’re experiencing unhealthy symptoms, like falling hair and itchy scalp, acne or chronic fatigue. Most people are inclined to immediately start a rigorous treatment program to address the overt signs. They sometimes falsely assume that they need to use a cream to fix the problem or take just one vitamin or mineral.

Checking a hair analysis will help you make the right choices because it can reveal causes of chronic or acute conditions and the analysis will guide your nutritional balancing practitioner on how to balance your minerals levels using minerals and vitamins.

Making the Right Choice

By taking the first step to know the root causes of your symptoms, you can get ahead of any challenges to your health health long before they turn into chronic or fatal health issues. For instance, a simple hair mineral analysis may not only reveal the potential threats to your overall health – by analyzing 20 minerals and toxic metals; but you’ll also receive professionally-endorsed recommendations on diet, supplement schedule and notes on your symptoms.

Make the right choice now, and perform a simple hair mineral analysis by UK labs specializing in these tests, and find out what your hair really reveals about your overall health.