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What You Need to Know About Office 365

What You Need to Know About Office 365 for Your Business  

Microsoft Office 365 offers a variety of benefits and features for individuals and businesses. Thinking about making the switch? Here is what you need to know.  


Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 originally came out in June 2011. Since then, Microsoft has worked tirelessly to maintain the program suite to ensure that it is the most up-to-date and secure program suite on the market. Programs that are offered in the software package include spreadsheets, presentations, documents, collaboration platforms, calendars/reminders, email, and chat tools. These programs often allow businesses to run smoother and more efficiently.

Microsoft Office 365 specialist Michael Nelson of TLC Tech in Sacramento provides organizations across California with strategies to improve workplace efficiencies, operational improvements and secure data solutions, all using Microsoft technologies and Microsoft Office 365.

What is the Difference Between Office 365 and a Regular Office Package?

A regular desktop Microsoft Office package is software-based that typically needs to be installed either by a download or hardware. Office 365 is a web-based package that is centered around the cloud. All data is stored in the cloud. Storing software on your computer, tablet, or other hardware is not necessary, although you can download it if you would like. Any time you need to access your data, it can be gathered from the cloud on an as-needed basis.


Typically, Office 365 is seen as safer than the desktop version of Office suite since Office 365 uses encryption. The encryption and other security measures allow Office 365 to be HIPAA and FERPA compliant, perfect for those who are in the health care or education industries. Security in a cloud-based storage system is stronger, and you can store larger amounts of data compared to storing these things at an on-site level.

Storage of Data

As mentioned previously, when you are working with Office 365, you could have more storage space than the traditional desktop version of Microsoft Office. The traditional version stores most items on your computer’s hard drive, which causes your system to slow down over time. When you run out of space, it could force you to delete old programs or emails, which could be needed for record-keeping later. Office 365 allows the user to choose their storage space plans up to 6 TB.


Microsoft is consistently working on improving Office 365 and with better tools and features. Due to Office 365 being a cloud-based platform, upgrades and software updates can happen automatically. Not only do current and automatic software updates keep your business moving efficiently and effectively, but they also keep your data protected from cyber-attacks.

Mobile Compatibility

Most businesses need to be able to access their files wherever they conduct business. Office 365 is mobile compatible, which means that you can access and edit any of your Office files wherever you have internet access. Multiple people can access and edit files simultaneously.

Only Pay for What You Use

With the traditional Office suite, you are paying for and physically installing the software suite on each of the devices that your business uses. With Office 365 you are paying for a license, and, with the right credentials, employees can access the Office 365 suite wherever they are and on whatever device that they have available to them.

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