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What happened to “A public office is a public trust”?

‘‘A public office is a public trust’’, signifies that government officials have been entrusted with public power by its people. Such officials are expected to hold this power for the benefit of the people and never for the benefit of themselves. furthermore, it is also presumed the govt. officials shall not conduct their own affairs to infringe the public interest. These people clothed in power should be guided by this paramount concept of public office at all times.

But what happened to this doctrine in Vuuzle Media Corp’s case?

As already given, corruption affects the tasks and duties of judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and other legal professionals.

The case surrounding Vuuzle Media Corp is packed with dishonesty that decreases public trust in justice and weakens the capacity of judicial systems to guarantee the protection of human rights.

The SEC’s newest lawyer Devon Leppink Staren started wasting the Judge’s time in New Jersey just last week. By pushing an agenda full of lies for AUSA Jenifer Weir’s favor, everything turned out chaotic and embarrassing.


People all over the world are starting to ask Vuuzle TV News Reporters why “The Public Integrity Section” (PIN) who oversees investigations and prosecutions of all federal crimes affecting government integrity, including bribery of public officials are not sacking these women for what they have been doing?

Recent surveys and events indicate that judicial corruption could be a significant problem in the United States.

Approximately 20,000 people of the US prison population have been falsely convicted. In fact, since the late 1980s, there have been as many as 850 exonerations nationwide, according to University of Michigan law professor Samuel Gross, a leading researcher in the field.

Most of the misconduct in these cases was committed by police officers, FBI agents, and by prosecutors. Concealing exculpatory evidence—the most common type of misconduct—occurred in 44% of exonerations because the prosecutor’s desire to win was more important than the truth. This holds true on the Vuuzle Media Corp case as AUSA Jenifer keeps tiring to cover her tracks while Devon Leppink Staren tries to conceal the truth.

In-state court cases, prosecutors and police committed misconduct at about the same rates, but in federal exonerations, prosecutors like AUSA Jenifer Weir committed misconduct more than twice as often as police. In federal exonerations for white-collar crimes, prosecutors committed misconduct seven times as often as police.

One of the main reasons is because they threaten innocent people that if they won’t sign plea agreements, they will put them in jail. The other is they create false information in Inditements where only the reside is heard and people get arrested with no way to protect themselves.

Click here to read the devastation corrupt government officials are getting away with because people are afraid to fight for their rights.

By law, any public servant, who commits criminal misconduct shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which shall be not less than one year, but which may extend to 7 years and shall also be liable to fineAUSA Jenifer Weir has all but taken down her linked-in account leaving only her name with no information.

Along with the two women, FBI agent Michele Beluzzi joins the corrupt act. Her grudges against Flynn spans back 5 years after her mottled investigating on Ronald Flynn in the Philippines turned up with nothing. Now AUSA Jenifer has decided to make it her agenda to hurt Vuuzle Media Corp because Flynn is the founder.

These three women have neither scruples nor morals to uphold high dignity and public trust

The Justice Department is always political, steadily more powerful, sometimes corrupt, and surprisingly ineffective. The United States Justice Department — which includes the FBI, the DEA, the INS, and more than 100,000 employees — functions as law enforcers, investigators, and jailers of American citizens.

The department’s legal reach is vast, extending to social controversies of race, religion, and economics as well as to thousands of criminal and civil laws, including espionage; mail fraud; corruption; racketeering; vote-fixing; pollution; computer crimes; adulterated food and drugs; price-fixing; tax fraud; gambling; forgery; and the sale, manufacture or possession of illicit drugs. The department then, and the attorney general, make decisions daily that affect every American citizen.

But who monitors the Justice Department and its pervasive dealings?

It is the job of every good citizen to expose corrupt activities and risks that may otherwise remain hidden by corruption.

Vuuzle Media Corp is calling the attention of ROB BONTA, the Attorney General for California

Rob Bonta oversees the Special Investigations Team “SIT”. We call his attention to investigate and file a case against AUSA Weir and FBI agent Mitchell Beluzzi under the Criminal Law Division, Public Rights Division, and Civil Law Division, in a vertical prosecution model for lying and creating fake news in order to hurt Vuuzle Media Corp and its pioneer shareholders.

Former New York Court of Appeals Judge Solomon Wachtler once famously remarked that a prosecutor can get a grand jury to “indict a ham sandwich,” which isn’t too far from the truth.

AUSA Jenifer Weir had nothing on Ronald Flynn but fake stories. In order to succeed on the indictment on Flynn, she presented to a grand jury with no one there to prove she was lying. Still, Grand Jury proceedings are secret and a one-sided affair so any prosecutor can say what they want to get an indictment.

AUS Jenifer Weir is known by many of the Vuuzle shareholders.

She is known for forcibly using coercion to attempt to compel pioneer shareholders of Vuuzle Media Corp to act in an involuntary manner threatening them forcefully. She has knowingly and willingly been using various types of forceful actions that violate the free will of individuals in the company to induce her desired response. The purpose of her coercion is to push her narrative on innocent people, hoping to hide under her masks and find self-fulfillment.


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