What Can You Expect from Professional Translation Agencies

When having a document or piece of content translated, it seems there’s no end to the stressors and anxieties you can have. If you don’t speak the language your work is being translated into, you’ll have no idea if it’s correct or not. How can you be sure that even if the words are technically correct that they’re adequately presenting your ideas? How can you tell if something that is completely fine to say in the original language the work was constructed in is offensive or impolite in another language? Do all analogies work across cultures? Is the humor different in the second language?

All of these concerns are completely valid and worth thinking about. A professional translation agency should be able to help address each of them as well as more specific worries you have related to the content itself and the industry it is being presented within. The following will explore some of the things you can expect while working with a professional translation agency to help ease your mind.

Localization Services

Most professional translation agencies include localization services among the services they offer. Localization is the process of adapting what is being translated to the local culture the content will be consumed in. This can include altering the wording, the design, the colors, and images to meet not only the legal requirements in a foreign country but also the preferences of the local populations. An awareness of dialectical differences, nuances, and jargon that are used in the area your content will be read or listened to is also included in this process.

Choosing The Right Translator

Professional translation companies often select a translator from among their roster to work on your project specifically based on a number of important factors like the translators writing voice and their knowledge of certain industries.

This can help make sure that the translator that is paired with your project has knowledge not only of the language and culture but the subject matter being discussed and is experienced with presenting the work in the voice that suits your project. Experts at Lingodoc emphasize the importance of voice in any written work. This can mean the difference between being perceived as a friendly, capable, expert, or any other “vibe” you can imagine.

Accurate Translation

Overall, professional translation companies are using native speakers of the language you want your work to be translated into. This means the end result is almost always more accurate and more consistent than if you hired someone who learned the language as a second. Think of English and how many strange rules we have that we don’t even realize we have.

Take adjectives for example. There are strict rules for the order you put them in an English sentence, though none of us native English speakers ever think about this. We can’t say the metal, big, beautiful lock. But we can say, the beautiful, big, metal lock. There are twelve different English categories for adjectives and they can only go in one order.

The above exploration should have given you an idea of what services you can expect from a professional translation agency. As you can see, this is highly specialized work that takes into account many aspects of our daily language use that is occurring subconsciously for most of us. It takes years of training and practice as well as an intimate knowledge of multiple languages.

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