What are the Grounds for Filing a Paragard IUD Lawsuit

If you or anyone in your family or a friend is experiencing complications after an intrauterine birth control device (IUD) was implanted or during its removal, you are eligible to file an IUD lawsuit. You should immediately contact any of the experienced Paragard lawyers who will guide you step by step.

The Manufacturers under a Cloud

Teva Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturers of Paragard, is already under a cloud, and many law firms are investigating the criminal misdoings of Teva. If you are an affected party, the lawyers know how to fight your case. Did you know that you are entitled to seek financial compensation? You can claim your medical bills, lost wages, and any other related expenses incurred.

Check If You Are Eligible To File A Case

As mentioned above, if you’ve had any problems relating to Paragard, you may be eligible to file a case. However, situations differ, and some are unique and full of complications. Surveillance studies indicate that risks of complications include perforation, specifically in breastfeeding mothers, and postpartum women.

Before that, here are some points to check to know if you are eligible to file a case:

  • Why did you opt for this method when there are other alternatives available?
  • Was there a need to remove the device earlier than planned due to some exigency?
  • Did you experience any difficulty removing the device, and did it break and cause injuries while doing so?
  • Were you hospitalized to take treatment for any infection?
  • Did you hear anything about Paragard being recalled due to any manufacturing defect?
  • Did you read the warning issued by the company about the risks involved in implanting their device?

Please understand that establishing liability in a defective medical device case takes a team of experienced Paragard lawyers exposed to many such cases earlier. They will answer any questions you may have regarding your claim and tell you what fair chances you stand to win.

What Is The Compensation You Can Expect?

The compensation is proportionate to the severity of the situation you are in and will depend on the circumstances when you got injured. It would help if you spoke to expert Paragard lawyers to discuss your claim's approximate value and how soon you can expect to get it.

Please be informed that defective medical device cases attract economic as well as non-economic damages:

  • Medical expenses would include doctor consultation fees and hospital visits or hospitalization. If you were hospitalized, the costs incurred on surgery, medication (antibiotics to contain the infection), PET scan or ultrasound imaging, physical therapy, counseling, and other ongoing and future medical expenses.
  • Compensating loss of wages includes lost wages or loss of profits from not working because of the injury. Any future earnings lost due to the injury will also be taken into account.
  • Suffering and anguish caused by the pain entitle you to claim compensation and any curbs on the enjoyment of life due to the injury. While there is no fixed yardstick to calculate the payment, our team of legal experts is adept at such calculations.

Summing it Up

The above include the different forms of compensation a victim can claim, though the exact amount will vary from case to case depending on the severity. Only a licensed attorney can help you in the traumatizing period when you need all the support you can muster.

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