What are the different ways you can invest in your workforce?

Any company is only as strong as the employees that hold it up and keep it running from the ground up. This has always been true but it’s only in the recent more enlightened years that many of us are starting to actually accept that fact. But how do you go about changing well-worn traditions and focusing your efforts more on workforce investment than on conventional profit-based results?

Hire interims to mix it up - If you are in need of an influx of ideas and leadership right now to finish a project but feel it is only a short term solution, hiring an interim manager is the ideal compromise. There are dozens of specialist interim recruitment agencies waiting to match your business with the right interim manager who will not only help you with your current project but will leave a lasting impression and have a lasting influence on your full-time staff.

Offer flexible hours - At a time where millions of us are getting used to working from home, flexibility has never been more of a valuable commodity. Offering flexible working hours to your staff and allowing the business to work around their lives rather than vice-versa can boost morale and allow them to find that perfect work/life balance. And as we all know, happy employees will mean happier customers too.

Offer staff training - Offer your staff new opportunities to develop themselves further and they will be more likely to stick around and invest more of themselves in you and your business. This includes encouraging technological fluency and offering training programs in the latest tech to keep your staff on board with the latest and greatest software and hardware.

Employee social events - Everyone likes to feel acknowledged and appreciated once in a while and what better way to do this on a wide scale than by arranging employee social events? This could be anything from a weekend retreat to a meal out at a fancy restaurant to an afternoon paintballing (great for team building). Because investing in your employees doesn’t have to be dull!

Recognise their needs - Finally, the only way you’ll be able to build a truly welcoming, inclusive and rewarding company culture is if you recognise and invest in the needs of your employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has, amongst other things, exposed a major gulf in the way we recognise and treat mental health in the workplace and this should be at the forefront of all future employee investment strategies.

Work on building up your employees so they have a genuine sense of pride in their work and their workplace. It’s far from an easy thing to do but the rewards will be astonishing.

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