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WEI Employees Named as vExperts


WEI Employees Named as vExperts

Josh Satrape and Mark Gabryjelski to Participate in 2020 Program

March 11, 2020 (New England) – WEI, a New England based leader in IT solutions, is pleased to announce Josh Satrape, senior virtualization engineer, and Mark Gabryjelski, senior architect and virtualization ambassador, have been selected as participants in the prestigious 2020 vExpert program.

Those named as vExperts receive the honor for one year; to stay in the program they must apply again once the year is over. Satrape and Gabryjelski, who have both been previously selected to the program, were named after passing the rigorous application process.

The program selects candidates who have expert knowledge of VMware and demonstrate continued efforts to contribute that knowledge back to the community. While the awards are for individual experts, the activities of the company that employs the individual are also considered.

As an Enterprise Partner of the VMware Partner Professional Services Program, WEI recently achieved its fourth VMware Master Services Competency in Cloud Management and Automation. In addition to demonstrating WEI’s commitment to supporting organizations through its digital transformation process, this milestone also exhibits WEI’s customer-centric solutions and technical proficiency.

“We are very proud of both employees, not only for their selection, but for their ongoing dedication to providing the very best in IT solutions for our clients,” said WEI President Belisario Rosas.

According to VMware, 1,730 IT professionals from 40+ countries were selected to participate in the 2020 program.

As vExperts, Satrape and Gabryjelski will continue to lead the way in applying VMware expertise to the development of WEI IT solutions.

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