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Wearing body shapers for too long is putting health at risk, said Dr. Melissa Hague

One of the most sought after tools to reach the long-awaited perfect figure is the Colombian girdle body shapers. Many specialists believe that prolonged use of these garments can have negative consequences on health.

Almost all women want to lose weight or have a great body. And one of the most popular tools to reach the perfect body is the Colombian body shapers or other kind of shapewear. Obviously, they have aesthetic benefits such as reduced waist measurements and increased self-esteem, they also help you improve posture, as a support during physical activities, etc. But they can also cause health damage.

The problem is not the use of girdles itself, rather it’s that many women use them without medical supervision. Women who wear shapewear for too long, or incorrectly, are putting themselves at risk for health conditions, said Melissa Hague, an obstetrician and gynecologist. Many specialists believe that prolonged use of these garments can have negative consequences especially on the spine. It can also become an important cause of sciatica and low back pain.

The pressure exerted by the female girdles is very high, so the constant and prolonged use, wearing an incorrect size causes the muscles to lose their tone and volume. Causing that the muscles cannot fulfill their support function, which causes the spine to weaken, leaving a permanent sagging, back pain and can even compromise the respiratory system.

Other consequences of the use of body shapers:

· Decreased movement because of how tight they are,

· Slower metabolism,

· Stress, anxiety and discomfort caused by lack of mobility.

If you suffer from back pain but you use shapewear or body shapers for aesthetic reasons, we tell you what you should do to avoid any spine damage.

– Use the shapewear only for a certain time and under medical prescription. Be sure to wear the correct size.

– To avoid contractures or back pain, relax the muscles after using them with either hot and cold compresses, massages, orthopedic tools such as Cordus and Sacrus, take some type of over-the-counter muscle relaxant such as acetaminophen or apply gels or anti-inflammatory creams.

– Exercise regularly, without the girdle, to maintain good muscle tone. You can walk, swim, practice yoga or pilates. Remember that the girdles are not a miraculous product that will make you have a perfect figure just because you use it.

– Take nutritional supplements that help you improve the condition of your cartilage.

Use shapewear properly. Consult your doctor and learn how to use it so that you get that perfect figure and maximum benefits without harming your health.


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