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Vuuzle.TV lets you hold on to both ends of a pole

Here’s the first end: Pole dancing really started in strip clubs. Since then, it was historically set up for the satisfaction and pleasure of men.

Basically, pole dancing is a combination of dance and gymnastics. Pole dancers use a vertical pole used to showcase flexibility through spinning.  Practicing with the dance pole can be quite frustrating at times, especially the pain felt on the inner thigh. You can normally get this pain when you sit on the pole, or when completing the popular up-side-down pole stunts while squeezing the pole using the inner thighs.

This year, Vuuzle.TV has something bold to say: Pole dancing should not objectify women.

Women have grown to be more powerful and take over societal roles, year by year. They can now climb higher and farther, with their strength and determination, powerful as before.

With this, Vuuzle.TV came to the idea of a new series, the MPDS.

MPDS introduces the other side of the pole: Woman Empowerment.

Where to watch MPDS’ side of women empowerment?

Together with Nancy, you get to appreciate women as an epitome of strength, and endurance. The emotions are flowing within the 8-minute episode. You can see the passion, the grit, and the art, through every swirl around the pole.


Dance, of course, is a universal and beautiful form of self-expression. Music also naturally encourages us to dance around and move to its beat. Aside from pole dancing, Vuuzle.TV also offers tons of episodes about dancing! Catch these for free, anytime anywhere!



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Written by: Francesca Jade Hernandez | Vuuzle Content Writer & Public Relations Specialist

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