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Viral sensation and Pro-Life Christian Singer-songwriter releases new songs to shine light on our “abortion culture” and the importance of societal awareness, empathy and love.

Apr 13, 2020 9:00 AM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Apr 13, 2020

Her song “What Was Your Name” went viral, Google removed it, after a legal battle the song was reinstated and went viral again. Now, Joyce Im Bartholomew is releasing a brand new Extended Play to shine a light on “abortion culture” and to bring a message of love to thousands of mothers.

Joyce Im Bartholomew, back with a new EP!

You may remember her from her hit-single “What Was Your Name,” which went viral on YouTube back in May 2014. The song struck a chord, so much so that it was “mysteriously” taken down by Google. After a legal battle between Joyce and Google for defamation, the song was reinstated. It went on to reach 500,000 plus views, sending a message of love to thousands of mothers with their babies.

Now she is releasing her new EP “Choose Me,” featuring five new songs. Each song shines a light on our current “abortion culture” and why we should bring more awareness to pro-life.

Joyce Im Bartholomew is looking to move people emotionally, cognitively and spiritually, leaving each other with the understanding that we currently allow women to easily abort pre-born babies without questioning the lives of the pre-born children. Through her lyrics and God-given ability to sing and reach the masses, she magnetically captures people’s attention and focuses them towards causes that are near to her heart.

“I hope people realize the hypocrisy about protesting about eating animals, and yet we should be protesting much louder about killing babies in the womb.”

According to Joyce Im Bartholomew, we should realize that our society puts protecting the planet and the animals on a pedestal, but at the same time neglects human life, which is reflected in the social acceptance of abortion. Why does our society do that? To answer this question, Joyce says we have  to look inwards, and allow acceptance and kindness to lead us to peace and understanding.

The inspiration for her EP came from her conviction from God to write a sequel pro-life song to “What Was You Name,” which actually was the very first song she wrote, and is continuing her pro-life e?orts. Joyce’s conviction let her produce additional songs which are now featured in her new EP “Choose Me.”

In her YouTube channel: you can watch one, or all five of her newly released lyric videos. In the future, she intends to sing for benefit concerts and other pro-life events, such as the March For Life National Prayer Service.

If you are looking to support Joyce and the pro-life movement, visit her website where you can find more music of Joyce Im Bartholomew, as well as interviews, past shows, her film projects, and upcoming events!

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