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Vertical Farming Market Research Report, Growth, Value Chain, Industry Demand, Estimates and Forecast, 2019-2027

vertical farming market research report growth value chain industry demand estimates and forecast 2019 2027

Vertical Farming Mar

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Vertical Farming Market Introduction and Scope

Driven by the key factors, the Vertical Farming market is anticipated to grow at a substantial CAGR from 2020 to 2027. However, we have covered the market size from 2018 to 2027. There are several factors that are boosting the growth of the market at present and the growth rate is expected to remain similar throughout the forecast period. Opportunistic areas have also been discussed under the scope of the study be it across type, application or geography sectors. The Vertical Farming market scope has been defined as per the feasibility and the same have been mentioned in the study with detailed segment and Vertical Farming market analysis.

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Research Methodology

We use extensive research methodology to determine the Vertical Farming market size as well as the market growth. Primary research, secondary research and our in-house data modelling are some of the sources which makes our research methodology. Primary research percentage is quite large as compared to the secondary research percentage. This helps us determine the market numbers and growth more accurately as we assume the feedback provided by the C Level Executive are mostly true. Along with the primary research and secondary research, our in-house data also helps us validate the market as we keep tracking the market for years.

Porters Five Forces and Value Chain Analysis

Porters five forces analysis helps us understand the buyer power, supplier power, threat of new entrants, substitutes and competitive rivalry. Porters helps us understand the tough competition in the market from the perspective of all the factors previously mentioned. Along with Porters, value chain analysis would help us understand the entire process right from the manufacturers or service providers to the end user.

Key Companies Operating in this Market
• Signify (Netherlands)
• Osram (Germany)
• Freight Farms (US)
• AeroFarms (US)
• Sky Greens (Singapore)
• Spread Co., Ltd. (Japan)
• Plenty (US)

Market Segmentation and Scope of the Global Vertical Farmings Market
Market by Growth Mechanism
• Hydroponics
• Aeroponics
• Aquaponics

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Key Players in the Market

The top 10 key market players have been profiled under the Company Profile section in the report where we have covered their overview, business portfolio, financials, strategies and recent development. In addition, the market share analysis has also been provided mentioning the market revenue and share of the top players in the industry along with the analysis.

Table Of Content


1.1         Report description

1.2         Scope of Global Market Segments

1.3         Research methodology

1.3.1      Secondary research

1.3.2      Primary research

1.3.3      In-house data modelling


2.1         Quick Snapshot of the Market

2.2         Primary Interviews Details


3.1         Market Inclination, Trend, Outlook and Viewpoint

3.2         Market Share Analysis: Company’s Competitive Scenario (%)

3.2         Impact of COVID -19

3.3         Competitive Landscape: Company Market Share Analysis, 2019

3.4         Market Dynamics:

3.4.1      Drivers

3.4.2      Restraints

3.4.3      Opportunities

Chapter 4: Vertical Farming Market, By Structure

4.1. Overview
4.2. Building-Based Vertical Farms

4.2.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
4.2.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
4.2.3. Market Analysis, By Country

4.3. Shipping-Container-Based Vertical Farms

4.3.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
4.3.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
4.3.3. Market Analysis, By Country


Chapter 6: Vertical Farming Market, By Component

6.1. Overview
6.2. Irrigation Components

6.2.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.2.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
6.2.3. Market Analysis, By Country

6.3. Lighting

6.3.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.3.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
6.3.3. Market Analysis, By Country

6.4. Sensor

6.4.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.4.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
6.4.3. Market Analysis, By Country

6.5. Climate Control

6.5.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.5.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
6.5.3. Market Analysis, By Country

6.6. Building Materials

6.6.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.6.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region Glass Greenhouse Plastic Greenhouse

6.6.3. Market Analysis, By Country

6.7. Others

6.7.1. Key Market Trends, Growth Factors, And Opportunities
6.7.2. Market Size And Forecast, By Region
6.7.3. Market Analysis, By Country



Chapter 9: Company Profile

9.1. 4D Bios Inc.

9.1.1. Company Overview
9.1.2. Company Snapshot
9.1.3. Product Portfolio

9.2. Aerofarms

9.2.1. Company Overview
9.2.2. Company Snapshot
9.2.3. Product Portfolio
9.2.4. Farms
9.2.5. Key Strategic Moves And Developments

9.3. Agrilution

9.3.1. Company Overview
9.3.2. Company Snapshot
9.3.3. Product Portfolio

9.4. Amhydro (American Hydroponics)

9.4.1. Company Overview
9.4.2. Company Snapshot
9.4.3. Product Portfolio
9.4.4. Key Strategic Moves And Developments

9.5. Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd.

9.5.1. Company Overview
9.5.2. Company Snapshot
9.5.3. Product Portfolio
9.5.4. R&D Expenditure
9.5.5. Business Performance

9.6. Hort Americas

9.6.1. Company Overview
9.6.2. Company Snapshot
9.6.3. Product Portfolio
9.6.4. Key Strategic Moves And Developments
9.7. Illumitex Inc.
9.7.1. Company Overview
9.7.2. Company Snapshot
9.7.3. Product Portfolio
9.7.4. Key Strategic Moves And Developments
9.8. Koninklijke Philips N.V.
9.8.1. Company Overview
9.8.2. Company Snapshot
9.8.3. Operating Business Segments
9.8.4. Product Portfolio
9.8.5. R&D Expenditure
9.8.6. Business Performance
9.8.7. Key Strategic Moves And Developments
9.9. Urban Crop Solutions
9.9.1. Company Overview
9.9.2. Company Snapshot
9.9.3. Product Portfolio
9.9.4. Key Strategic Moves And Developments
9.10. Sky Greens
9.10.1. Company Overview
9.10.2. Company Snapshot
9.10.3. Product Portfolio

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