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Urikar’s New High-Power Yet Ultra Quiet Massager PRO 3 Hit the Market

iCrowdNewswire   Mar 1, 2021  2:56 PM ET

Last week, Urikar, an industry leader in percussive therapy, has rolled out a new massage gun – Pro 3 with a focus on high power and quiet operation. This professional percussive massage gun  uses high-performance brushless motors to provide deep penetrating massage to overcome muscle soreness, relieve muscle tension and accelerate muscle recovery. All with this smart, powerful and ultra-quiet hand-held massager. Check to know the tech behind PRO 3: https://youtu.be/8kv3neQT5qo

Armed with a 45w brushless motor using QuietPower™ technology , Pro 3 is able to quietly deliver up to 45lbs, 3400 rpm high-speed percussion and stimulates muscle groups in 14mm depth. You can quickly soothe sore muscles, relieve body fatigue and treat chronic pain without the jackhammer sound effects.

The biggest advantage in comparison with the similar products is definitely the flexible speed. Pro 3 provides 30 speed options, between 1800-3400rpm. Whether it’s muscle relaxation after exercise or daily body massage. You can freely make the device go faster or slower based on your needs.

Another great feature of the Pro 3 is the adjustable arm. It boasts an adjustable 180 degrees rotating arm that allow you to really hit 95% parts of your body while maintaining a comfortable grip, so that brings you the highest quality and most comfortable massage experience.

In addition, Pro 3 comes equipped with 6 attachments to target any part of your body successfully and help you to relax all muscle tissues to obtain the safest and most comfortable protection.

With latest lithium ion battery technology, the large battery capacity of 2600mAh has a working time of 600 minutes . With daily use of 10 mins on average, you can use at least 60 days on a single charge.

Adopted the intelligent noise reduction technology and duplex bearing drive, Pro 3 has a super low noise level of only 42dB at the 3400 RPM maximum speed. It is quiet enough to be used in your house or office without anyone noticing.

Featuring the minimalist and ergonomic design with the sophisticated technology, Pro 3 is pretty easy to wipe clean and sanitize the handle. Also, equipped with the HD touch-sensitive screen, you can clearly know the time you use. It is perfect for anyone who exercises regularly or for those who experience muscle pain and don’t want to pay for professional massages.

This relaxing percussive muscle massager comes in black and includes a battery charger, a travel case, 6 attachments and a user manual priced at US$139.99. there we find a video reviews about how to change the attachments: https://youtu.be/XRDGedPBlpM

Pro 3 is available now with special deals and discounts on Amazon.com. Learn more details from at Urikar.com.

About Urikar

Urikar, an industry leader in percussive therapy, was found in Colorado, USA in 2015. It developed and released several highly-acclaimed muscle percussion massagers and other products for improving the quality of health and life of customers in the last few years.

At present, Urikar’s product lines cover percussive massage guns, sports & fitness equipment, health devices and more. Centered on these product lines, Urikar aims to provide professional and customized health and fitness solutions for all.


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