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UPDATE: iDocsWeb in its fight to help defeat the Coronavirus announces free application of its Infection Control Stewardship to LTC/SNF operators across the United States.

May 4, 2020 9:30 AM ET

iCrowd Newswire – May 4, 2020

Monday May 4, 2020 9:30 AM

PLANO, TX / ACCESSWIRE / May 4, 2020 / iDocsWeb, who last month announced free one month use of its proprietary LTC/SNF specific Telemedicine Platform, today announces that it has added a critical component of Infection Control Stewardship to that offering. This is available to any Skilled Nursing or Long-Term Care Facility and ALF across the United States. iDocsWeb can have you operational within a few hours.

While other telemedicine/telehealth vendors have increased prices and terminated free services all together, iDocsWeb has gone in the opposite direction offering FREE unrestricted access to their complete cloud based telehealth platform to help meet the Government’s latest call for maximizing the use of telemedicine to minimize personal and personnel exposure.

The company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Suresh Nellore MD an Infectious Disease Specialists, has taken this action considering the concerns over COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the Coronavirus. He explained “with this pandemic reaching epic proportions in the United States, it is paramount for institutions to minimize workers’ and patients’ exposure. The use of telemedicine as the name implies will reduce the number of in person contacts that can possibly lead to the spread of this deadly virus.”

Specifically, with Nursing Home quarantines in effect nationwide the iDocsWeb Family application allows for virtual visits between family members or responsible parties with the facility resident.

Concerned physicians can avoid cross infection risks by using the iDocsWeb Provider applications to administer remote treatment to their Nursing Home patients.

iDocsWeb currently has its telemedicine/telehealth platform functioning in Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing Facilities, ALF’s and Doctors’ offices throughout the United States.

About the virus: An outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) caused by the 2019 novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) began in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019, and has spread throughout China and to 211 other countries and territories, including the United States. As of May 1, there were a total of 1,097,032 cases diagnosed in the United States and 63,095 deaths. A state of emergency is in full force in the U.S. Our government and public health partners and individual states have implemented aggressive measures to slow and contain the transmission of COVID-19.

Interim guidance is available at As more is learned about this virus and the outbreak, CDC will rapidly incorporate new knowledge into guidance for action.

About iDocsWeb: iDocsWeb is a telemedicine company founded in 2013 that specializes its services to residents in long-term and post-acute care facilities, throughout the United States The iDocsWeb cloud-based and HIPAA compliant Telemedicine/telehealth solution provides consultation with a doctor within minutes. It is striving to bring comfort to patients without the agony of long, tedious and costly visits to the hospital emergency department, while avoiding the potential exposure to various healthcare associated infections. iDocsWeb offers a specifically tailored telemedicine platform that allows RN’s, Nurse Practitioners and Board-Certified Physicians to consult with its client facilities 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For more information contact Al Forcella, Senior Vice President, at 727-492-4679 or [email protected], [email protected]


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Al Forcella Senior Vice President , [email protected], 727-492-4679


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