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United States Beverage Sampling (Non-Alcoholic) Benchmarks Report for Experiential Marketing

Dry January May Is Over and The Demand For Non-Alcoholic Beverages Continues to Rise.

Portland Marketing Analytics (PortMA), a full-service market research firm, releases insights into Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sampling through their comprehensive experiential marketing benchmarks report. 

Portland, ME, USA – With no age restrictions or limitations, the Non-Alcoholic beverage industry continues to have an upward trend among consumers and influencers. Product sampling performance benchmarks are essential for marketers while bringing new products to market or refreshing existing campaigns. As continued precautions around the COVID-19 pandemic maintain hold on direct-to-consumer marketing tactics, Non-Alcoholic beverage companies look to experiential marketing to bring back a safe sampling experience.

According to Fior Markets, the Non-Alcoholic beverage consumer base is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.18% during the forecast period (2020 to 2028). A driving factor in this growth is the rising consumer preference toward healthier beverage choices.

Companies like Suja Juice are offering a more nutritious alternative to traditional soft drinks and are not letting the pandemic stop them from getting the word out. This past year, Suja got creative with their sampling campaigns by holding a virtual juice tasting event with Yelp. Members received their juice sampling packages free of charge and delivered directly to their doors. As the Non-Alcoholic market continues to grow, so will the unique sampling campaigns.

In line with its commitment to help its clients make the most out of their investment in beverage sampling, PortMA has published the Non-Alcoholic Beverage Sampling Report, which includes activations from 570 event days and 10,915 consumer exit interviews conducted after the consumers sampled a non-alcoholic beverage. As a result, many of the non-alcoholic beverage brands detailed in this report come from Coffee & Tea, Juice & Juice Drinks, Milk, Soft Drinks, and Water categories.

This report features benchmarks relating to consumer reach, impact, and return-on-investment for experiential marketing activations within the Non-Alcoholic beverage industry. Sampling benchmarks serve as a valuable point of comparison when brands reference their own campaign performance.

According to Chris Clegg, President and Research Director at PortMA, “The only way to know if your own numbers measure up is to compare them to overall industry averages.  For many larger CPG organizations, these comparison points can come from internal resources where brand managers can compare to each other.  However, smaller brands must have an industry resource to realize the same levels of insight.”

PortMA is an established full-service market research firm that uses data analytics to develop and evaluate marketing communication strategies for experiential marketing agencies, advertisers, and leading brands.

For more information about the contents of the United States Beverage Sampling (Non-Alcoholic) Benchmarks Report for Experiential Marketing from PortMA, please visit this link or contact the sales team directly at the information below.

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