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Unispectral Launches Monarch II Multispectral Camera

Unispectral Launches the Next Generation of its Mass-market Mobile Monarch II MultiSpectral Camera for the NIR Bands, and Releases its Monarch Android Application running over mobile phones.

Monarch II extends the mobile capacities of Multispectral imaging and analysis in dynamic environments, setting new standards in agriculture, industrial and medical real time, on-the-go inspection and classification

Tel Aviv, Israel. – March 08th, 2022 – Unispectral, the developer of ColorIR technology, announced today the launch of its next generation multispectral IR camera. Re-designed with first generations customer and field test feedbacks, Mobile Monarch II delivers even more powerful capabilities such as auto exposure and improved user interface, addressing wider range of applications. Above all, it captures and transfers for immediate analysis, multispectral images from anywhere in real time, thanks to its conjoint operation with Android device and application.

Mobile Monarch II consists of the Unispectral proprietary tunable Fabry–Perot hyperspectral filter (µFPF), integrated with a miniature IR camera module, all fit into a slim 60/40/14.5 mm, 30.gr field-grade case. For its handheld operation, controls and display, it attaches and connects via a USB 3.0 cable to an Android smartphone/tablet. The camera captures and immediately outputs multiple detailed, single-band NIR images.

Together with the camera, Unispectral also released today the new Android application that operates the camera through a connected mobile device. The application controls all the camera settings, band, exposure, gain, capturing modes, image storage and transfer. Captured images can be sent via cloud to the analytics system.

Monarch II continues to present the smallest, most affordable and flexible spectral imaging solution on the market. It is suitable for immediate use or by integration in OEM platforms or application developers. No need to take expensive, bulky, and sensitive equipment to the field. Analysis can be done in the lab or over the cloud.

Monarch II features auto-exposure, higher fps and improved casing with lens cover. It featured a rectangle 1.3MP either portrait or landscape mode. Unispectral’s new Android application is feature rich and user friendly.

Mobile Monarch II camera is also delivered as an EVK, with a complete set of DLL, SDK, API and documentation for developers.

Ariel Raz, CEO of Unispectral said, “Unispectral brings multispectral analysis to the field. Today we rollout the next generation of our mass-market multispectral camera. With the Mobile Monarch II, Unispectral expands the market segment of field-grade, spectral IR imaging for agriculture and other industries.”

Since its debut, the Monarch Camera was successfully integrated in various applications: Agriculture: Nutrician Analysis, Pest control, Grading & Sorting, Stress analysis Industrial: Robotics, Remote health care … and many more

About Unispectral: Founded in 2016, Unispectral is a pioneer in spectral imaging. The company provides a revolutionary array of products and solutions for capturing spectral NIR images, based on the proven tunable Fabry–Perot technology.

Unispectral HQ is in Tel Aviv, Israel, with reps in Japan, USA, China, Germany, UK, and South Korea. For more information visit: www.unispectral.com.

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See Campaign: https://unispectral.com

Contact Information:

Name: Dan Dariel Email: dan.dariel@unispectral.com Job Title: Director of marketing

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Contact Information:

Name: Dan Dariel
Email: dan.dariel@unispectral.com
Job Title: Director of marketing

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