Understanding the DUI Charges in Las Vegas and How Can a Lawyer Help

It's a serious crime to drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Las Vegas. According to Smart Advocate's report, Las Vegas reports nearly 9,284 DUI arrests per 100,000 people, one of the highest in the United States. To reduce the rate, the LVMPD is cracking down on speedsters.

During a Saturday night's DUI Blitz, the law enforcement agency arrested 21 people. If you get involved in similar arrests or vehicle stops in  Las Vegas DUI Lawyer to handle your case.

DUI Charges in Las Vegas

To determine whether or to prosecute a driver with DUI charges, the Nevada DMV checks the Body Alcohol Content or BAC. If it's more than 0.08%, then you'll be charged with DUI.

The charges you attract will depend on whether it's the first, second, or third DUI instance and if there were any fatalities or deaths involved.

First Offense DUI:

It happens when it's your first instance of driving under the influence on record in the past seven years. In other words, you have no prior DUI cases against you in the last seven years. It doesn't matter if you had before the seven years.

In such cases, your driving licence will stand suspended for 185 days from the date of the charge. Along with that, expect two days to six months of jail time. But if the BAC was found to be equal to or above 0.18%, it can be increased to 12 to 36 months. Besides that, you'll also have to pay $400-$1,000 in fines.

Finally, you'll be admitted to a DUI school, which lasts 1-2 weeks.

Second Offense DUI:

It is when it's your second DUI conviction in the last seven years. In such cases, you'll face misdemeanor charges of up to 6 months of jail time and up to $1,000 in fines. Your license will again be suspended for a year. You have to attend the MADD Victim Impact Panel and then undergo an intensive rehabilitation program.

The Third Offense DUI:

This charge is more severe in which you are convicted for the third time within the last seven years. You will attract one year to six years of jail time along with up to $5,000 in fine. Unlike the previous two offenses, you aren't likely to get a restricted driver's license either.

If there are fatalities, then you might also be charged with DUI felony. These involve more severe penalties.

Why Hire a DUI Defense Attorney?

If convicted of DUI charges, you must hire a DUI defense attorney for yourself. The lawyer will assess your circumstance and suggest the best way to handle the situation.

All DUI convictions are subjected to court proceedings. It is their chance to prove themselves not guilty by filing a Waiver of Arraignment in the court.

Nevada laws do not allow prosecutors to reduce or dismiss the DUI charges unless there's a lack of evidence or weak evidence. A defense attorney's job is to show the prosecutors that their evidence has too many holes and isn't corroborative.

There are many ways to challenge or fight DUI convictions. The defense lawyers are trained at figuring out how to challenge them. In Las Vegas, DUI lawyers even invalidate the previous DUI charges that were raised years ago. So when you face such charges, it's better to hire a DUI defense attorney to handle the case.

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