Uber agrees to implement a 15 years of privacy audits for FTC Charges

The FCC, the US authority UU, Showed that Uber has problems protecting privacy. Uber acknowledged that he has rigged his practices and agreed to a program that includes independent private audits. It is good news but not touching violations to the privacy less obvious, but very intrusive, such as " God view " tool that collects and analyzes data from drivers and users to profile them and use them in your business. The FCC found that Uber did little to prevent abuse of their employees (many executives), who used the data from the system to spy on other people. Since 2014, the company had received complaints in this regard. To solve the problem, Uber claimed to have a monitoring system that in reality it worked just as it was not designed or actually budgeted to be maintained over time. It was not audited either. The FCC also documented how, even though Uber promised to store data securely, it did not really apply basic measures. This could facilitate the filtering of data from thousands of drivers in 2018. Modern life includes important systems (public and private) that use data intensively without their managers knowing and valuing the privacy risks. It is not a guarantee that the system is in the hands of well-financed projects or that they promise protection (like Uber), we must ensure that, in addition, the corresponding authorities are effective. From Karisma (where I work) we have documented how large private companies and public initiatives in Colombia are not clear implementing data protection policies. They also fail to show their commitments. In addition, we must still analyze the effectiveness to demand compliance; we know little of less obvious uses. Finally, as the internet is global and the services we use the most are from US companies. UU., We must also look beyond our borders. USA UU it has a more practical data protection system, which contrasts with others that are closer to the language of human rights. There are pros and cons in all, but agreements such as Uber show a degree of effectiveness not negligible. The problem for us is that the legal system of EE. UU . not apply to the foreigners, therefore, its effectiveness is only our comfort.

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