Top Video Editing Tools for Small Business

For small businesses, it is imperative to adopt contemporary business marketing ideas. Mixing innovative ideas with the trending business marketing concepts can fetch astonishing results for small businesses and startups. In recent times, video marketing is trending. Creating innovative videos for business marketing can result in excellent products for the small business. A lot of video-sharing platforms are there, including YouTube, social media platforms– Instagram, Facebook, etc. Nevertheless, video content is also used for social media marketing. Attractive videos bring more social media followers and potential buyers. Facebook ads being one of the most popular makes it a major player in the market, for creating facebook ads for your business, check here.

For video marketing, it is essential to create unique and innovative videos. You may have excellent content ideas but, a lack of video editing skills can make your videos appear dull. If you want to create exceptional videos for your business marketing to stand out from the crowd, you need to learn the nitty-gritty of video editing. For professional video editing, you need to have robust and advanced tools. 

So, what are the best video editing tools for small businesses? You can find a list of the top video editing tools in the following section of this article.

 1. SDC Video Editing Tool

SDC video editing tool is free to use. Small business owners often seek cost-effective tools for business marketing. If you want a professional video editing tool at zero cost, the SDC video editing tool is a good option. Though it does not charge a dime from the users, it features powerful and versatile video editing options. The tool has a professional and user-friendly interface. The good interface helps the users to find the right options for video editing easily. It has a rich collection of various video effects and objects. You can simply drag and drop images and objects from external sources. The pros and cons of this tool are discussed below.


  • Free tool for beginners.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Simple to use features.


  • Nothing unique in video transition effects.
  • Lack of guidance for beginners.

2. Adobe Premier Pro

With free video editing tools, you shall get limited features. If you want to get more advanced features for video editing, you need to look for a premium tool. For the small scale businesses, affordability could be very low. With your limited affordability, you can create exceptional videos with Adobe Premier Pro. Being a video editing tool from Adobe, this software does not need a formal introduction to users. You can see except advanced features, unique video effects, arrays of video editing options, and many more with this tool. Presently, the tool costs around $19.99 for a month.


  • Easily customizable hotkeys.
  • 8K video quality with VR support.
  • Comes as a part of Adobe Business Suite.


  • Not a free tool.
  • Subscription is costly when you do not purchase the complete Adobe Suite.

3.  iMovie

If you are a Mac computer user, you must have heard about iMovie. If you have not started using this tool for video editing yet, you must start using the tool now. A professional and user-friendly interface will bid you the welcome note on the dashboard of this tool. You may not get as many features as you use to get with Final Cut Pro or other professional video editing tools. But it is suitable for beginners. As a beginner, you shall find it comfortable to use due to its user-friendly features. The video editing tool can be used for multiple purposes. From creating video trailers to introductions, you can use the tool for different purposes.


  • Free for Mac computer users.
  • Loads of filters and special effects.
  • Compatible with videos shot by iPhone.


  • Available for Mac users only.
  • No VR support.

4.  Final Cut Pro X

For professional video editing, Final Cut Pro X is the right tool to be chosen. Apple purchased the tool in the year of 2008. Since then, it is available only for Mac users. You cannot use the tool on other operating systems. Despite this drawback, the tool is extremely popular among video editing experts. It comes with rich and innovative features. You can edit and create HD quality videos with this tool. You can add 3D effects to your videos to make them more attractive. There are a lot of unique in-built video effects for the users. However, this is not a free tool. If you can afford, you shall get top-quality features from this video editing tool. Price: $999.


  • Professional-level video editing tool.
  • HD video making support.
  • VR support.


  • Available for the Mac users.
  • Not a free tool.

5. Videoshop

Videoshop is one of the highest-rated video editing tools in the Google Play Store. The video editor tool is free to download. You can simply download the tool on your device through Google Play Store. However, you would not get all the features if you continue using the free version. Switching to the premium version will let you access all the features of this tool. The good thing is that the tool is affordable. It comes with many video transition effects, text overlay, slow-motion effect, and many other features. You can use pre-loaded sound effects to make your videos more engaging and enjoyable for the viewers. Price: $9.99.


  • Engaging interface.
  • Easy to record voiceover support.
  • Arrays of video transition effects.


  • It runs slow on Android devices.
  • The free version comes with annoying ads.

6. Lightworks

If you are searching for a professional video editing tool, you can opt for the Lightworks. This tool is an alternative to Adobe Premier and Final Cut Pro X. As a beginner, you can easily use this editor. The user interface is simple yet attractive. The tool does not come for free, though it is affordable for small businesses. Price: $24.99.


  • Excellent file export flexibility.
  • Suitable for beginners.


  • Not a free tool.

For reaching a huge consumer base you can think of using YouTube and for creating an introduction or full fledged  YouTube video you can consider using InVideo. Apart from these, there are many free and premium video editing tools. You can choose a tool as per your convenience. You can select the editor as per your requirements; having a suitable and good editor always pays off as it makes sure the content is of high quality. 

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