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Top PDFBear Tools to Meet Your Converting Needs

Oct 26, 2020 5:11 PM ET
iCrowd Newswire – Oct 26, 2020

PDFBear is a handy online software when it comes to compressing, splitting, or merging your PDFs. But its converter is also a tool that most people use for their essential documents. With this article, you are provided with the top PDFBear converters and how you can use them.


If you possess documents in PDF file format that you wish to turn into images, you might find this tool to be convenient and handy. This converting feature will easily convert your PDF documents into JPG files in a matter of seconds. If you are new to using PDFBear, there’s nothing to worry about because it will give you the instruction that you can easily follow.

This conversion tool from PDFBear will make it straightforward for anyone to convert an original PDF file format into JPEG or JPG file. Convert multiple PDF documents at once and download them as image formats. You can also add JPG to PDF conversion tools to your list of converters to satisfy your converting needs. Below are the steps you need to follow to do the conversion process:

  1. Select the PDF files that you want to convert to the conversion bar.
  2. This PDF conversion tool will convert your documents into JPG files while retaining the quality.
  3. The conversion process will be finished soon.
  4. The newly converted data is ready for users to download or share.


If you lack the platform in converting your Word file into a PDF data, this converter will help you with that issue. This online feature can manage any Word file to PDFs conversion procedure. It uses advanced technology so that when you convert your files, those documents’ quality will remain and won’t be sacrificed. The process is made simple by PDFBear for anyone to perform the process in a few clicks smoothly.

Because there are only four steps to accomplish a Word to PDF data conversion process, you can use this converter even if you’re on the go. Here’s how to perform the accessible method:

  1. Upload the Word file that you wish to convert using this conversion tool.
  2. This PDF converter will start scanning your files.
  3. In seconds, the conversion process is done.
  4. You can begin sharing or downloading the new document.


Sharing your document presentation to your colleague or classmate might be a hassle or troublesome sometimes. A PowerPoint document might be a universal format, but only a few platforms can support it. With this useful and convenient conversion tool, you can easily convert your PPT data to a PDF file, not more than a minute. Besides the converters, there are more features that people can use from PDFBear, such as splitting, merging, or compressing PDF files.

With only four clicks, you can transform your Microsoft PPT files into PDF documents without any problem at all. The process is always easy with this conversion tool, and PDFBear ensures that the file quality remains the same as the original file. So here’s how you operate this converter:

  1. Select or drag the PPT document that you need to convert using this converter.
  2. Wait for the process of converting your document.
  3. After uploading the file, you can still alter your data and pick the needed option.
  4. Select the “Download” button, save the file to your PC, or share it with other people.


Converters are essential tools, especially if a platform can’t read or support a specific file format. With the process, you are ensured that you can use different file formats in any device or computer operating system. Start using the mentioned conversion tools and remove the hassle from your life in handling PDF files.