Top 5 Solitaire Game Types to Play Today

Some call it patience. Others just solitaire. But only a few have mastered the skill. Did you know that you can enjoy as many as 150 solitaire card game variations anytime from the comfort of your home? Well, here are the 5 best options to help you get started.

1. Klondike

Klondike is the first name that pops up at the mention of solitaire card games. Even though it may not be playing the most interesting card game out there, Klondike solitaire continues to be a popular choice for many reasons. First things first, playing this game involves arranging the standard elements of the http://www.spidersolitairemasters.net/ in a specific order. Like many other solitaire game types, the objective of the Klondike solitaire is to arrange the four suits on the foundation piles starting from the aces to kings. You will have the ordinary 52-card pack and can deal out 28 cards in 7 tableau columns starting from one to two, three, and four in that order. The topmost card of every pile is face-up while the rest are placed face-down.

2. Spider

Have you ever heard of Spider solitaire? If you are fond of computer games, you might have heard a thing or two about Spider solitaire already, which is just as popular as the aforementioned Klondike option. A standout feature about this solitaire game variation is the fact that it suits players of all ages with its adjustable difficulty level among other features. Just like Klondike solitaire, Spider solitaire uses the conventional 52-card pack and its objective is to arrange 13 cards of one suit in a specific order within the http://www.solitaire-masters.net/ .

3. Pyramid

Pyramid solitaire may not be one of the most popular solitaire card games out there, but it continues to grab the attention of many players with every passing day. Originating from the Microsoft Windows card games, Pyramid solitaire has a lot of similarities to TriPeaks. And just like the traditional solitaire card game, Pyramid solitaire has a standard 52-card deck and its goal is to remove all the playing cards from the pyramid by pairing cards that will total 13. Obviously, such a game involves shuffling the cards. So, start by removing the row with one card, then two, three and so on until you reach the 7th card row. Pyramid solitaire is one of the best options when you want to try something new as far as the classic solitaire card game goes.

4. Yukon

Yukon solitaire borrows a lot from Klondike, with the only major difference being in the freedom to arrange a group of cards and the fact all playing cards are dealt out when the game begins. As witnessed in Klondike solitaire, the aim of Yukon is to build four suit foundation piles in a given order, using the normal 52-card pile. When the game initially begins, the setup is created in the same manner as Klondike solitaire. But unlike Klondike that features a stock pile, the remaining cards in Yukon solitaire are arranged face-up on the tableau. 

5. FreeCell

FreeCell solitaire is many gamer’s favorites for a reason. Unlike most other free solitaire card game variations, FreeCell has all its cards dealt face-up, with additional cells for reserving cards. The FreeCell gaming rules dictate that you can only move one card at any given time. However, the free cells on top of the tableau can help with moving large series of packed cards between the tableau columns. 


There are countless classic solitaire game variations in the world. And all it takes is a simple internet search to get your favorite gaming option. If you lack a favorite pastime, you can always play solitaire. But be sure to check out our list to have a pleasurable gaming experience with solitaire online.

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