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Tobacco Free Nicotine vs Regular Tobacco Nicotine: What’s the Big Difference?

iCrowdNewswire   Feb 17, 2021  9:30 AM ET

There’s a great deal of discussion about Tobacco Free Nicotine. Is it safer than traditional tobacco? It’s a good question and fortunately, the answers are out there.

February 17, 2021

When people thought of nicotine even just a few years ago, tobacco was the only thing to come to mind. Now it’s definitely a different story. With the current popularity of vaping and e cigarettes even normal people have come to know that there’s alternatives available when it comes to nicotine. For many the big question is what’s the difference between tobacco free nicotine and regular tobacco nicotine, if there is any? Straight from experts in the field, the answers follow.

What is Tobacco Free Nicotine Anyway?

The idea of nicotine without tobacco may seem strange but it shouldn’t be. It’s just good, smart science.  While most nicotine (not just in cigarettes but also in most vape juices too) is derived from tobacco, this is known to be a quite messy process that delivers far from pure results. The  more impurities and the more problems can sensibly be expected from use. Science teams jumped on this and developed nicotine which isn’t derived from and has zero tobacco. The result is a clean, pure alternative to what’s found in places like tobacco nicotine e-liquids. There’s no smell and no taste. The synthetic nature of tobacco free nicotine removes these foul qualities of tobacco completely.

Are the Effects the Same?

Synthetic nicotine has the same effects that nicotine users are looking for and desire, but in a more pure way. This is why it is so popular in smart vaping communities. It shouldn’t be  forgotten that it still has  addictive qualities, and is a stimulant, just like other forms of nicotine and must be kept  away from children. Responsibility is a key part of being able to appreciate and enjoy vaping, even when the nicotine’s origins are from a lab rather than tobacco.


Yes, e-liquids with tobacco-free nicotine is available in different flavors. The exciting part is these flavors aren’t contaminated  with the poor residual taste of the remaining tobacco from “old school” vape liquids. Many have found the after taste gross but tobacco-free nicotine provides a solution to that problem.

Overall Benefits of Tobacco Free Nicotine

According to experts in the vaping world, there are many agreed on benefits of tobacco free nicotine when compared to nicotine that is derived from tobacco. It’s purity and PH levels are considered much easier on user’s bodies than the “dirtier” nicotine that comes from non-synthetic sources; the lack of taste is also a great relief for the many who dislike the bad taste of e-liquids from tobacco sources, which are notorious for tasting bad; tobacco less nicotine also has no smell, making it much more acceptable to use indoors without worry of making a home smell terrible; and synthetic nicotine has an extremely long shelf life while keeping its potency, unlike nicotine derived from tobacco products.

Vaporite Leading the Way

Popular vape brand Vaporite is definitely the leader in high quality,  well reviewed tobacco-free nicotine. In exciting news, they don’t just offer options like desktop and handheld vaporizers but they also have another eye-opening choice available.

In September 2020, Vaporite was the first company to debut Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposables. This has quickly become one of its best sellers. Users find the disposable option a convenient and affordable choice, and also something that is often more simple to take “on the go” with them when compared to vaporizers or other devices.  It’s no shock the popularity of the Tobacco Free Nicotine Disposables just continues to rise.

For more information and to order be  sure to visit Vaporite at https://vaporite.net or email [email protected].

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