The worldwide Market of Sous Vide Cooking Machine is expected to grow at a fast pace from 2018 to 2023

The analytical report from Market Research Report Store shows that the market of Sous Vide Machine will grow at 39.06% CAGR from 2018 to 2025. The number of sales is expected to reach 13419.7 thousand Units in the year 2025 with the estimated global sale revenue of 1317.9 million US$.

Sous vide is a process of cooking in which a vacuum sealed bag is used for cooking food at a low but constant temperature in the water. The report discusses major manufactures of the market along with their business strategy. The Sous Vide Machine is segmented based on product and user type.

The demand for Sous Vide Machine has higher demand and the competition in the market has declined the prices of these machines. Due to their bulkiness and cost of these machines, the Sous Vide Machine were limited to chefs and consumer that had vast cooking experience.

With the release of affordable and small Sous Vide Machine by Anova, it became more convenient. Since the release of the first affordable and easy to use Sous Vide Machine, many companies have released their version of such machine. They have their own sales network that helps in expanding the sales of these machines. The manufacturers of Sous Vide Machine invest in marketing to achieve more sales.


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