The Visionary Leaders of Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions in Transportation & Logistics and the Market Comparison

The report of 360Quadrants is based on the Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions in Transportation & Logistics helps in making a quick and more informed decision. The report categorizes key payers of the industry on the basis of their abilities. The report includes portfolios of different companies along with their business strategy. The report of 360Quardrant is updated in every three months.

More than 100 companies involved in the Industrial Control Systems Security solutions are included in the analysis and 21 of them were shortlisted. The shortlisted companies were further categorized into Visionary Leaders, Innovators, Dynamic Differentiators, and Emerging Companies.

The companies identified as the visionary leaders include GE, Cisco Systems, Fortinet, McAfee, Belden, ABB Siemens, Check Point Software Technologies and Honeywell. Their well-established product portfolio, business strategy, and dominant market presence is the reason for their categorization as a visionary leader.

Indegy, Kaspersky Lab, Nozomi Networks, Symantec and Schneider Electric are identified as innovators due to their good product portfolio but moderate growth strategy. The emerging companies include Security Matters and BAE Systems their categorization is based on weak a business strategy. Raytheon, FireEye, Rockwell Automation, Trend Micro and IBM are identified as dynamic differentiators.

The categorization of Industrial Control Systems Security Solutions in Transportation & Logistics is based on the extensive data from different sources such as investor presentations, press releases, annual reports, etc. The 21 shortlisted vendors are categorized on the basis of geographic footprint, core features, and other criteria. After the finalized ratings, the companies were placed in their respective position.


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