The Market of Surgical Robotics System is Expected to Grow at a High Rate in the Near Future

The market global market of robotic systems is expected to reach 6.4 billion by the year 2020 at the CAGR of 10.2% as per the analysis of Report Ocean. Robotic system makes the surgical procedure automated thus improving efficiency and minimizing the complications. Surgical robotics enables surgeons to reach the parts that are difficult to access through traditional surgery. Automated surgery reduces the chance of blood loss, creates less amount of scars, offers shorter recovery time and the chance of infection is minimum.

The increase in demand for minimally invasive surgery and automated system in the health care industry is driving the market growth. The rise in different disease is also expected to increase the demand for surgical robotics. Automated system reduces the labor cost and has less post-surgery complication which is the reason that it is favored by different health institutes and hospitals.

The market is segmented into two different categories which include surgical robotic systems and procedures. The market of surgical robotic systems is segmented on the base of surgical use, geography and system components. Each of the segment is then further segmented into sub segments to provide a complete overview of the market.

Major manufacturers of surgical robotics are also included in the report along with their complete business strategies and product detail. Various regions are also included along with all the factors affecting the market on the global and regional level in different regions of the world.


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