The Increase Use of Herbal Supplements and Remedies is Expected to Grow the Industry at a Significant Rate

The herbal supplements and remedies are the drugs that provide support to the health of a person in natural ways while inducing the same effects as drugs. The Global Herbal Supplements and Remedies industry is expected to grow from the 6670 million US$ value of 2019 to 8780 million US$ in 2024. The herbal supplements are sold in different forms which include powder, tablets, capsules, some form of solution and dried leaves.

Different products are used for different treatments and it has solutions for different health problems. Herbal supplements and remedies are either used as direct health care products or are extracted from the herbs. The main source of Herbal supplements and remedies are plants and herbs. It has been in use in China for thousands of years and out dates the use of modern medicine. The side effects of modern drugs have become more obvious leading to the increased use of herbal medicine. The market for herbal medicine promises steady and fast growth.

The market of Herbal supplements and remedies is segmented based on the major manufacturers of the industry. Further segmentation is done on the basis of type, use, and regions. The regional analysis includes Asia-Pacific (India, Southeast Asia, Korea, Japan and China), Europe (France, UK, Germany, Italy and Russia), Middle East and Africa (UAE, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia South Africa and Egypt), North America (Canada, United States and Mexico) and South America (Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, etc.). The social and political conditions of these regions are taken into consideration to provide a complete analysis.


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