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The EEG Biosensors Market To Grow On An Innovation Revealing Spree

The global EEG Biosensors Market is expected to witness a robust In Upcoming Years. The present scenario is such that industries across the globe are becoming more human with self-service tools, integrated workflows, and seamless virtual triage. In other words, workflows are getting optimized, so that precision could be worked better upon. Operational resilience could be built by creating a one-stop solution for enhancing driving outcomes and uptime all across the operational procedures.

According to latest research by Persistence Market Research, EEG biosensors Market is set to witness positive growth during 2021-2031. The global EEG biosensors market is expected to be driven by increased prevalence and rise in incidence of epilepsy.

Electroencephalography (EEG) is an important diagnostic test in evaluating a patient with possible epilepsy. Advanced epilepsy biosensors consist of a nano-based smart sensing platform that integrates micro / electronics and a display. These diagnostic systems provide the biometric information needed to timely understand disease progression and treatment optimization.

In severe neurological disorders worldwide, epilepsy is the most common disorder and ranks fourth in the U.S. Despite advances in current medicine and advances in new treatments, the heterogeneity and complexity of this disease affects more than 65 million people worldwide.

The aging population has increased the demand for health care and increased interest in moving medical services to ease the burden on society. One technology that makes it possible is to comfortably monitor and detect bio-signals. Increase in prevalence of epilepsy and brain disorder is the major growth driver of EEG biosensors market.

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Epilepsy is the most common chronic brain disease and affects people of all ages. More than 50 million people worldwide have epilepsy. 80% of them live in low-middle-income countries. With proper diagnosis and treatment, an estimated 70% of people with epilepsy may be seizure-free.

However, around three-quarters of people with epilepsy in low-income countries do not get the treatment they need, and in some countries this rises by 90%. Clinicians have implemented new measures, and have cured the disease from this acquired data.

The Nano sensing regime is conducive to the development of chip-based effective embedded and implantable electrochemical immunosensors, protein sensors, and electrochemical sensors. These technological advances has improved the detection of epilepsy, for possible delivery of available pharmaceuticals and diagnostic drugs.

Advanced sensing technology has led to remarkable growth in the development of devices such as lab-on-chip technology for the treatment and management of epilepsy. Technological advancements in the field has gain interest of many key players in the market.

Increasing demand for EEG Biosensors is expected to increase R & D investment by pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies for effective and efficient drug development while minimizing side effects.

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New technological advancements are introduced by the key players in the market. The ThinkGear AM (TGAM) EEG sensor PCB module powers over 1 million consumer EEG devices worldwide. TGAM enables NeuroSky partners to bring EEG-based consumer technology to market quickly and efficiently. TGAM is the world’s most popular EEG solution. Ceribell Inc. launched Ceribell, a world’s first brain monitor for point-of-care seizure triage and treatment optimization.

CURRY (Compumedics Neuroscan) Neuroimaging Suite, or CURRY 7. This suite of modular programs combines the years of software development for EEG acquisition and analysis from SCAN and the Compumedics acquisition software, with the image data analysis and source reconstruction from CURRY. CURRY 7 has been designed to acquire data not only with the Neuroscan amplifiers, but also with the Compumedics amplifiers. Data files from SCAN and from the Compumedics software are all read directly by CURRY 7.

TMSi introduced SAGA32+ and SAGA64+, the new standard for EEG and HD EMG research. The award-winning SAGA is available in 32 and 64 channel versions.

MOBITA (BIOPAC Systems Inc.), 32 biometric data channels in the palm of your hand. Which record up to 32 channels of high-fidelity wireless bio potential data with the new Mobita® wearable physiological signal amplifier system. The Mobita system includes a hardware unit with selectable interchangeable ConfiCap™, fully integrated with AcqKnowledge software for 32 channels of bio potential data with 3D accelerometer and trigger channels.

According to WHO, the market for EEG Biosensors most prominently driven by countries like U.S. In 2015, 1.2% of the US population had active epilepsy. This is 470,000 children with 3 million adults, corresponding to approximately 3.4 million epilepsy patients nationwide.

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In April 2021, Ceribell, Inc., an innovator in Rapid Response EEG ™, a new non-invasive brain monitor, has $ 53 million in Series C funding jointly supported by Longitude Capital and The Rise Fund.

Rise in incidence of epilepsy and brain disorders in U.S., increase in access to health care facilities for diagnosis and treatment, and surge in disposable income make U.S. the fastest growing market for EEG biosensors during the forecast period.

Epilepsy is an important public health problem as it causes high levels of pain that affect more than 50 million people worldwide. According to WHO, it affects 6 million people in Europe. People of all ages suffer, but epilepsy affects children, adolescents and the elderly in particular.

At least 6 million people have epilepsy in Europe, and 15 million Europeans will have seizures once in a lifetime. Nevertheless, in some European countries, epilepsy is not recognized as a brain disorder and up to 40% of people with this condition may not be treated.

Flexcap SmartEEs (Bitbrain Technologies) is a European project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020, research and innovation program, the purpose of this project is to be an innovative company for flexible electronic technology integration. By providing accelerated support to the European industry, it is to strengthen its competitive advantage. Europe is projected to dominate the global market owing to high prevalence and incidence of epilepsy and brain disorders.

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Some of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of EEG Biosensors include,

  • NeuroSky
  • iMotions
  • Bitbrain Technologies
  • Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
  • Ceribell Inc.
  • Compumedics Neuroscan
  • Butler Technologies
  • g.tec neurotechnology GmbH
  • TMSi
  • BIOPAC Systems Inc.
  • EB Neuro

The Mobita system (BIOPAC Systems Inc.) operates as a stand-alone wireless bio potential recording system is fully integrated with the BIOPAC MP160 system to provide access to a wide range of wireless and tethered physiological signals.

Key Segments:

By Product Type

  • Dry EEG
  • Semi Dry EEG
  • Wet EEG
    • Soft Gel-Based
    • Saline Solution

By System Type

  • Externally (Stimulus)-Paced Mode (Synchronous BCI)
  • Internally Paced Mode (Asynchronous BCI)

By Connection Type

  • Wired and Wireless Communications
  • Electrode Connection

By End user

  • Hospitals
  • Diagnostics
  • Research Labs

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