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The Discoveries of new offshore oil and gas assets is increasing the investment in the Well Intervention Market

According to a new report published by Fact. MR report, the international Well market has reached 6 billion US$ in the year 2017. The CAGR value will be 6% from the year 2018 to 2026. The rapid depletion of oil in the existing oil reserves, the increasing demand for oil and gas reserves and increase investment in the discovery of new oil fields are helping in the growth of Well Intervention Market. The decline in onshore as well as shallow water oil and gas reserves are depleting which is forcing different companies to turn towards the offshore exploration of the deeper area for the search of oil. The shift from onshore oil wells to offshore wells will also increase the demand for Well intervention solution and services. The increase in the subsea wells and the need for the improvement of recovery rate from already present wells will increase the demand of Well Intervention Market. The demand for energy is increasing which will lead to more exploration of oil and gas in deeper waters. The demand for well intervention services will increase in the near future. Many Oil field operators and E&P companies are shifting their attention towards offshore discoveries due to a large number of reserves present in offshore fields. 70% of the discoveries being made occurs in the offshore facilities. In the year 2017 North America was the biggest for the well intervention with the total revenue of nearly 3 billion US$ and that trend will continue to grow. The well intervention of market of North America is focused on the United States where 14000 wells have been drilled till 2016. More fields are expected to be explored in the upcoming years. The CAGR from 2018 to 2026 will be 6.4% and the well intervention market of North America will due to technical advances and offshore exploration. The light well intervention market will project the overall market because it had more than half of the share in the market during the year 2017. Medium well holds second place in terms of market share and its impact on the market will be second. As of 2016 more than 6000 underwater oil well existed globally and the increased pressure to enhance oil recovery rate will increase the demand for oil reserve services. Compared to the drilling rigs, the advances of technology have reduced the well intervention cost by 40% to 50% which will impact the light well intervention market to a great degree. Lightwell intervention is not only cheaper but it also more operations and better maintenance of wells. The better result of well intervention will expand this market. The use Coil tubing service has also been increased due to their effective and more dependable intervention for different types of interventions such as vertical, horizontal, live and highly deviated wells. The rising use of coiled tubing service is also preferred due to their ability to improve reservoir which will in turn effects the well reservoir market. Some governments around the world have imposed strict laws regarding the carbon emission which has shifted focus to the renewable sources of energy. The shift to a renewable source of energy might create problems well intervention business. The changes in the prices of crude oil can also affect the well intervention market. Read More:

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